Where did they come from?

The nature of dna projects means inevitably that the majority of people taking dna tests are looking for roots. And on the other hand those that know their roots, do not need to take dna tests.

I am setting out here what I know of each of the people names on the y-results chart.

G1 Kit 85599 William M. Grant born 1861 in Ohio . The son of Isaac and Lydia A. Grant also believed to be from Ohio. We do not know anything about him except he was married to Mary L. McDonald ( Nova Scotia) in Medfield, Massachusetts on Feb 27, 1889. They had three children their names were Dorothy, Clarence , and Ethel. He left them about 1898-- we have no idea where he went after.

G2 Kit 65552 Grant, Ireland. On the ftDNA Irish Project but they give no details of their history.

G3 FWWCE/25705 Grant, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland. They could have come with the Plantation between 1610/1630 (possible descended from a John Graunt (as appears on documents) on the 1630 Armagh Muster) or after the 1641 Rebellion (possibly from a James Grant of Scots birth). The Grants of the plantation appear to have held onto their farmlands under Cromwellian persecutions. My family farmed these well into the mid 1800s when the "scandal" meant a split in the family with us moving to the North East of England and others in the family being spread to the New World. John Grant, my Great-Great Grandfather was born in 1833 and left Ireland for the North East of England in the 1850/60s. The Grants were well established in that area as farmers. I am currently researching the origins of my family within the area of Armagh, Louth and Down (primarily in the parishes of Mullabrack & Ballymore, Creggan, Forkhill and Newry in Armagh, Roche, Faughart and Innerskeen in Louth and also Innerskeen, Monaghan and Newry in Down. My family are Catholic but due to family stories have not ruled out the possibility of a convert from Presbyterian in the past. I have stories from my family of a major disgrace in the family that led us to being Catholic.

G4 Grant Scottish modal from the Grant (Chiefs Stewart) Clan on Grant Family Project on ftDNA. I took Kit 133216, which is in the middle of the lineage. All these Grant share the classical closeness of a common lineage, with very few markers off the modal. However one can say that 90 of the 130 members of this Project are not part of the Core “Grant Clan” – in other words they do not fit either the Grant (Chiefs Stewart) or the Allen Sept. Further the modal of the Allan group is far removed genetically from the modal of the Grant Group, which makes it appear that any common ancestor of the Grants and the Allens here is thousands of years ago.

G5 Kit 76350 Alexander Grant b 1693 Scotland. Our ancestor (confirmed) who immigrated to Australia in 1839 (Dr. James Grant), chartered the Barque Mary, to bring himself, family and close  friends family to Sydney. When he arrived, he was in ill health and died the following year. Unfortunately (according to my Father's Grandmother), the chest containing all his property titles, etc, was dropped overboard in Darling Harbour (Sydney) during disembarkation and was impossible to retrieve. Intentional, the family believes. I've managed to trace the family history back to Scotland and research to-date, has not indicated links with Ireland, though there must be a link there somewhere as our DNA indicates. Our research takes us back to Alexander Grant of Grantsfield, Scotland. Born 1693, died April 28, 1776 Kinchirdie, Aberdeen Scotland. Married to Margaret Farquharson of Inverey Scotland, December 1739. Our line descends from son named James Ogilvie Grant born (baptised) June 10, 1746 at Grantsfield. Died August 17, 1801 in Dorchester England. James was a Colonel in the 49th Regiment. He was married to Isobel Ogilvie on December 3, 1775 in Parish of Keith, Rathven County, Banffshire. Had at least one son. James Grant. James was born in Blairmaude, Boyndie Co. Scotland c.1788. Christened April 11, 1788, Church of Scotland. Parish of Boyndie Banffshire. Married Eleanor Maria Ann Elliot at St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh Scotland March 27, 1825. Family emigrated to Sydney Australia (for health reasons) on the barque “Mary” in November 1839. James died in Campbelltown, Sydney Australia on April 19, 1840.

G6 TGDDW John Milligan b.c.1779, Tyrone, Ulster. My earliest proven ancestor is John Milligan, born about 1779 in Ireland.  He married Margaret and came to the U.S. about 1818.  He may have been the son of James, who was born in Scotland and moved to Ireland, but that is just a family story with no proof, so far.  Four of his sons, who were born before the family moved to the U.S., said they were born in County Tyrone, but none of them gave a specific town.  If you have access to the Ridlon book, we're the Milligans of Youngstown Ohio on page 739. I'm descended from John's son, James (born 1806) who married Catherine McGuffey.

G7 8H5JC Coogan from Monaghan, Ireland. On Breifne Clans Y-DNA Project. No other info.

G8 ECAYA  O'Byrne from Lisdoonan, Monaghan.  Breifne Clans Y-DNA Project . No other info

G9 BNVZX Fanning  b.Leitrim 1746 Descend from Bryan Fannin,Sr. of Amelia Co., Va (ca. 1695 -1765) He is the earliest known ancestor. However, our DNA has a close match to the descendants of a man we call "Chestnut Creek" John Fanning ( because he lived on Chestnut Creek in Wythe Co., Va). They, in turn, are a close match to a Thomas Fanning who came from Fenagh, County Leitrim. Fannon (and similar) matches are numerous, probably because of the numbers of that family in the USA taking dna tests. They are fairly unsure of their roots before the USA, but the balance of probability is that one man came from Fenagh, Co Leitrim in late 1600s. Therefore the weighting is for one match, rather than numerous matches.

G10  94963/3A5HH Strain from Letterkenny, Donegal, William Charles Strain was born in Ballindrait (between Lifford and Letterkenny), County Donegal, Ireland in 1903. William Strain married Margaret Diver and the couple moved from Donegal to County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, in the late 1920’s. Their son, the contributor of the DNA sample, was born in Strabane in 1933. His father, Patrick Strain, was born around 1860. His grandfather, also named Patrick. Cornelius Strain was the father of Patrick Strain and was born 1801, Parish Tullyaughnish, Donegal and seem to more to Carrownasaul, 10 miles north of Letterkenny.

my grandfather (William Charles Strain) turned up on your site. I thought I would just drop you a line to sort out a couple of errors in what you have recorded for him. As I say, I am Willie's grandson, and the DNA sample was provided by my father, William Edward Strain (but known as Eddie). You are correct about Willie's place and date of birth, but a little confused about his wife and a few other details. Willie married Margaret Kieve (sometimes recorded as O'Keefe), my grandmother. You have said her maiden name was Diver, but that is a confusion with Willie's mother, Mary Diver, who was married to his father, Patrick. Patrick, Willie's father, in turn, was the son of Patrick Strain and Margaret ('Peggy') Ferry, and was born about 1861 In Milford, Donegal. He had two brothers, John and Jerimiah. His father was born in 1827 I think (I do not have access to my files at the moment), and died in 1866, shortly after John was born. Peggy then married a man named Boyce. As far as I know, there are no clear paper trails to indicate who this Patrick's (the one who died in 1866 in Milford) father was. However, as you can see, there was a family tradition always to name the eldest boy in the family 'Patrick' (and Willie carried on this tradition, with my Uncle Patsy, who also called his eldest Patrick), so we suspect his name was also Patrick. There is a Patrick Strain who was born at the right time and in the right area in 1797 (from memory again), and who also died in 1866, also in Milford, who I believe is a good candidate, but this can only be speculation, and I guess he could be his uncle. I know of Cornelius (the person you have as a candidate), and although I strongly suspect he is in some way related I have not seen any evidence to link him directly to my G-G-Great grandfather


G11 RQNM7 O'Shaughnessy of Limerick, Ireland. 90% chance of 12 generation common ancestor, 99% chance of 20 generation common ancestor. But the Limerick connection is only a couple of generations back.

G12 73842/N8271- John (O') Reilly b.c1840 in Ballyhaise, Cavan.  Townland of Tonagh, parish of Castletara/Castleterra, Cavan, Ireland.

G13 HWJQK James F Reynolds, Ireland b.c.1798.  Unfortunately I can’t contribute much to the puzzle. James F. Reynolds, my great-great-grandfather, was born about 1798 in Ireland, but I have no idea where. He came to the US around 1836-1840 and lived in New York and New Jersey. His first wife died and he remarried and continued to have children until he was almost 70 – which is fortunate for me, because I’m descended from his youngest child. He eventually died aged 75, working on the railroad.

G14 JV7VQ Coleman  of Cashel North, Sligo  Traced to Patrick Coleman, born 1842 Cashel North, Sligo

G15 21345 Stephen Grant b1620, Kilkenny, Ireland.  I have to conclude that there has been a non-paternal event, as the family are m222 today, but ought not to be as they lived in Southern Ireland for centuries. I am exploring the possibility of the npe being during the period of O’Neill’s Ulster army besieging Clonmel during Cromwellian wars.

G16 91642/8UW3S William Francis Bruce in Alabama in 1840s "The reason I did the dna search was because we have not been able to go any further back than my great-great-grandfather in our family tree search. It seems William Francis Bruce appeared in northwest Alabama in the 1840's. He apparently never disclosed where he was born or where he came from before arriving at the Isabell farm. William and Cassie Isabell Bruce moved a few miles west to northeast Mississippi in the 1850's and the family lived there until the 1890's. The Bruce's and several other families who had married Bruce's migrated to west central Louisiana in the 1890's. I still live in the area where they all settled in the 1890's. It is for the most part a rural area with small towns, the nearest city is Shreveport, Louisiana, about 65 miles north of here. " If one looks at the data on the Bruce Surname Project, this kit 91642 does not fit any of the other Bruces and is "unassigned".

G17  French from Ireland 24/25 has 77% chance of MRCA in 12 generations and 95&% chance he is in last 20 generations. The most distant ancestor appears to be a Thomas French born in 1865. His son Charles (David French's grandfather) was married to an O'Malley in Killarney. This part of the French's were from Miltown but probably originally Galway if you go way back.

G18 30813 Patrick Doherty c.1821 Malin Head, Clonca Parish, Donegal 

G19 QWS7H  Callaghan  of Gurteen, Sligo "Callaghan's from the Gurteen area of County Sligo, parish of Kilfree. GGgrandfather was Andrew, ggrandfather was Corneilus, Corneilus settled in South Dakota, Corneilus was born around 1835 and came to the USA around 1865. I went to a village in Sligo Ireland where my g-grandparents came from and found a person with the same last name. His ancestors had many of the same given names as the members of my family. I was pretty sure that we would have a connection and I convinced him to take a DNA swab which I sent off to be tested. We matched on 35 of the 37 markers. "

G20 43215 James Grant  mid 1700's in Chester Co, South Carolina,  born about 1750 to 1755 was married to Dorcas and came to New York with his brother John in about 1774. James and John were volunteer horsemen under Capt. Francis Kirkpatrick and were both from Chester County SC during the Revolutionary War. James Grant died Nov 4, 1820. One of James Grants sons was Benjamin Grant who was born in 1790 and died in 1880. He married Lavinia Williams. One of Benjamins sons was James Henry Grant born in 1818 and died in 1892. Many of the descendants of this line of Grants still live in Chester County, SC in the town of Chester. The owner of this kit has been impossible to track down, but they certainly appear to have no idea where their original James came from. "The Grant Family" by Mrs. Amzi Neely Grant (August 1, 1935) says the first records of the Grant family in SC begin when James and John Grant (probably brothers) bought and sold land during their move from Virginia to the Chester County, SC area shortly before the Revolutionary War.

G21 14385/8FPQ7 Stewart of Scotland. On Stewart Project but no details

G22 FitzHenry  b1752, Armagh, Ireland "I'm searching for the family of Enoch FitzHenry. Born: May 9, 1752 in the City of Armagh, County of Armagh, Ireland. Died: October 10, 1835, Dublin, Ohio. Nothing is known of his parents or siblings in Ireland. It's almost as if they never existed. Enoch FitzHenry has been a stumbling block for researchers for quite some time."

G23 WPWBQ Mullaney from Ireland  on ysearch, but no other details

G24  4VZ9Q Walsh  from Ireland On ysearch but not on Walsh Project. No other details

G25  7297 /KRWQ5 Cooper from Scotland In Cooper Project. No pedigree given.

G26 6619/ PTPNM Blakeley of  Markethill, Armagh  - Matthew Blakeley was born about 1833 in Armagh, Northern Ireland. He married Annie Corr (from Cork, Ireland) January 1876 in Gateshead, England. He died in 1904.

G27 C3QB4 Cogan from Coolderry, Monaghan, Ulster, The Cogans from Co. Monaghan, then Woburn Ma, Patrick COGAN 5 Mar 1811 at Coolderry Co. Monaghan, Ireland & Alice 27 Sep 1828 Coolderry Co.Monaghan Ireland,

G28  HBMAK MacLachlan  from Glasgow. T Buter MacLachlan Glasgow, Scotland b.c1850.

G29 ZFYB7 Taggart  from Ulster.

G30 21651 Grant from USA. Nathaniel Berry Grant, 1844, AL I am 99% sure he is the son of Larkin M. Grant, 1817, GA going on back to Daniel Grant of VA.

G31 WAKRV/100170 Samuel Grant b1760, DublinSamuel Grant, christened 1760 in Dublin Ireland and the son of George Grant III and Patience Hobart. Samuel Grant married Ann Nancy Nichols and their children were, William, Samuel Jr., Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Frances and Charles. My descent is from Samuel’s eldest son William Grant, and William’s eldest son Ichabod. George Grant was born in of Dublin, , Ireland. He died before 1791. He married 1 Patience Hobart in 1757 in Tullamore, Killaloe, Kings, Ireland. George resided in 1754 in Dublin, Ireland. He was employed as Joiner in 1773 in Dublin, Ireland. He signed a will in 1787 in Ireland. He was employed as Cabinet maker in 1788 in Dublin, Ireland. Patience Hobart was born in of Dublin, Ireland.

G32 34306 Donald Grant of Letheadry in parish of Cromdale,Strathespey, Scotland. David Grant m: Margarete Grant, 3rd daughter of Robert Grant of Gleanberg. Cuthbert Grant m: native american Cree woman Highland Scot partner of Northwest Fur Co in Canada died 1799 Fort William Ont. Cuthbert Grant jr. 1793--1854 m: Marie Mcgillis Metis/half breed - given the title of Warden of the Plains was associated with the Northwest Fur Co- his history is well documented in Canada. Cuthbert Lewis Grant,1834--1909 m: Marie Gingras. William Cuthbert Grant, 1872--1949 m: Petronelle Monette lived on the Turtle Mtn.Rez in North Dakota. Gleamed from a stack of notes and charts compiled by my mother some years ago, she communicated by mail and word of mouth with many people- but her notes and records are scattered and incomplete.

G33 112611 John of Shettleston, Scotland, who had son, James (1828-1883), a potato merchant; son William, a blacksmith of Grafton Square, Glasgow; and son Robert, who emigrated to Australia My great-grandfather was also a James Grant, who sired 13 children. Four died in infancy, but a son, John, eventually emigrated to Canada in 1910. Sons William and James died in 1863. A later son, James (1872-1954), was a gents clothier and then Robert, (1877-1943) was a butcher, Thomas (!879-1951) was a wholesale grocer, and Andrew (1879 - ?) went to Canada. John, who went to Canada, and his wife, Helen Stewart, had six children. My grandfather was William Grant (1864-19380. And, my father was Archibald Montgomerie Grant (1900-1972). His brothers were William Montgomerie Grant (1903-1975) and James (Jim) Montomerie Grant (1910-1990), all of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

G34 113219 O’Rourke  from Cavan/Leitrim  on Breifne Clans Y-DNA Project . No other info

G35 N20731 Flynn from Cavan/Leitrim  on Breifne Clans Y-DNA Project. No other info

G36 GQJGE Milligan  Moses Milliken 1696

G37 HWDFG Slagle – Francis Slagle b1825, Lee County, Virginia

G38 M222 modal 

G39 N36760 McKeon from Sligo Patrick McKeon, b.c.1816, Ireland, possibly Sligo,  married Catherine McLoughlin of Ireland. I believe that Patrick's parents were John McKeon and Catherine McLoughlin, (yes, he married a woman with the same name as his mother), and that Patrick was born in County Sligo. Their children, John, James, William, Mary Ann, Thomas, Ellen, Margaret, Catherine, Patrick and Elizabeth were all born in Pennsylvania.

G40 87667 Muckian  from Monaghan  Terrence Muckian, b.c.1831 Monaghan

G41 XFY7E Milligan John Millikin b.c 1600 Northern Ireland 

G42 czcq5 Miller - John Miller, b1771, Ireland

G43 R7TGG Clabron McDonald or McDaniel b.1799, Montgomery County, Virginia, USA

G44  92019  Hugh Byrne, b c1750, Co. Monaghan 

G45 ECCPK Clarke - Lawrence Clarke b1782, Fermoy, Cork. Chief Factor Lawrence Clarke was born in June 1812 or 1815 in Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland; he died in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. His father Lawrence Clark was a sergeant in the army and died in Moncton, Ayr, Scotland with a granddaughter, Fanny Chalmers, with him at the end.

G46 JNSK6 Moody

G47 125067 Reilly nothing known

G48  108970 Daniel McPherson b. 12-18-1692 near Inverness, Scotland, d. 1755 Salisbury Twp., Lancaster Co. PA, children born in  Chester Co. PA,

G49 KSKEX Riley - Jonathan Riley b1816, Indiana

G50 30840 Grant Irish DNA

G51 KH76V Cowan Hugh Cowan 1765 in Ireland. Our 1st record is his marriage to Margaret Buchanan 1794 at Bourbon Co., Kentucky in the archives. 2nd record of proof is his son, Wm's death certifica which states his father is from Ireland w/names. He stayed in Kentucky per census records but he may have come to Indiana toward the end of his life to be near his children.

G52   146561 David R Grant grandson of Stephen Grant (b1846). In turn Stephen b1846 was son of William of Towra b1808, and in turn son of John Grant b circa 1770

G53 85634 Thomas Meason b. c 1705 d. March 15, 1779 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

G54 N8216 Owen (Red Oiney) McGovern from Derryvella, Cavan 

G55 WGASJ McDonald James McDonald b.c.1760 unknown origin

G56 133075 Johnson no other info, on Johnson Project

G57 47870 Bohan My family originated from the western part of Ireland according to family history, but I've never been able to document the exact area.

G58 115042 Lawson Alexander Lawson, b 1822 Scotland + Margaret Boag > James Lawson, b. 1870 Ontario, Canada + Lillian Whalen > Andy Lawson, b. 1893 Canada

G59 U9934 Nolan John Joseph Nolan, b. c1855, Co. Kilkenney, Ireland

G60 B6NMB Sheehan Mago William Sheehan, b 1839 Ireland, m Mary J Carroll

G61 N26529 Sanders James Sanders, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, Scot 

G62 Montgomery Wiley Hamilton Montgomery, USA, 1835- Married (1) Julia Parker (Hales) (2) Ada Barnes Weathersby. Wiley had a brother, William H. Montgomery who married Calista Wilkinson (all lived in Amite Co., Mississippi). It was said that this family of Montgomery's came from England and to the Carolinas, and eventually some came to Mississippi.

G63 52793 O’Brien on William O'Brien b.c 1695 Ballykelly, Derry, Ireland. His son William O'Brien b. 12 May 1731 Ballykelly, Derry, Ireland

G64  106143 Greer James Watson Greer b.1881 Dover, Lafayette,MO 

G65 K5MAF Trynor nothing else known

G66 111458 McCracken William McCracken, mid-1700s, Ireland, son Virgil, aft 1776

G67 Dunbar Edward Thomas Dunbar d.c1905 Phila. PA & m. Louisa Ossebaar

G68 103707 SloaneIreland, Paternal grandfather disappeared in 1918 shortly after my father was born. Unable to confirm his true name or dates.

G69 E83WV McKeveny Henry McKeveny, Ireland

G70 KWJJP Franklin Stephen Franklin b.c 1761 in Orange County, Virginia, USA 

G71 CBJTT MacAdam Lachlann MacAdam from Glenuig, Inverness-shire, Scotland 

G72 PXGZH Greer    James Grear b.c 1650 from Ireland

G73 7QEWC Grierson Hightae, Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

G74 G6PA2 Branum William Branum bc1808 in USA

G75 CMQ6B McGee - John McGee bc 1751 Virginia USA

G76 9XJAS Carnes - Wells Carnes bc1778 from Georgia                  

G77 ABQZW Byrnes – Anthony Byrne was believed to be born in North or South Carolina, migrated to Mississippi with his family and later migrated to Grimes County, Texas

G78 HSUYE Burns - Owen Burns bc 1820 from Ardee, Ireland

G79 9JSG2 Baker – Peter Baker bc 1800 North Carolina. Moved to Pulaski County, Kentucky, with two brothers, John and James. Early 1800s.

G80 F9DAY Kelly Patrick Kelly bc1743 in Ireland. Patrick settled in York C. Pa, Children were Sarah Kelly(Dubbs), Jacob Kelly, James Kelly, John Kelly, Patrick Kelly Jr., Thomas Kelly, Mary Kelly Millheim, Nancy Kelly Bowman, and George Washington Kelly. My branch comes off of Geo. Washington Kelly

G81 46TSS McGeehan – Daniel McGeehan b1843 Lettermacaward Parish, Donegal

G82 H49GB Cryans - Patrick Cryan bc1850 Sligo

G83 vpket Gracey – Samuel Gracey, b 1790 Downpatrick, Down

G84 4BP5T Blayney – from Co Down

G85 9MEY9 Henry – James Henry, b1765 Maghers Parish, Derry

G86 RZVWG Leonard – Michael Leonard b1826, Ireland

G87 9QK7V O'Dogherty - (Cathaoir O'Dogherty bc1640 Donegal or Cavan)

G88 DEFCF Tucker – Thomas Tucker bc1760 in Ireland. Ancestors lived in Kent County, MD and Kent County, DE.

G89 SZ8DF Doherty – Patrick Doherty bc1850, Leenam Kiel, Clonmany, Co Donegal. Five of Patrick's sons left Ireland during the troubles with the Black & Tans circa 1918-1922. They were never heard from again. The names are James, Patrick, Joseph, Philip, and Owen.

G90 CANEE McFadden – William McFadden c1710 Antrim

G91 146247 Grant John Grant b1870 in Kilmacow, Kilkenny

G92 146019 Grant John Grant b1713 Moyne, Tipperary

G93 2JU2V Slotnick adopted

G94 DCYX8 Bingham - William Bingham b1785, Louth

G95 78A3J Gracie - Wanlockhead, Lanarkshire, Scotland

G96 HT5WY Turner - Samuel Turner b1790, Dromore, Co Down

G97 8XK6Q Dees - Emanuel Dees b1675, Monikie, Angus, Scotland

G98 N73042 Grantham -

G99 78433 Grant - Irish DNA site

G100 146267 Grant - James Grant, My father was born in Kilmacow Waterford,

G101 146019 Grant - Father Leo Grant - descendant of John Grant, convict to Australia

G102 Ancestry Crowley - an exact 33/33 match on Ancestry.com