Mitochondrial Maternal DNA

mtDna comes from one's mother's, mother's, mother's ...mother. So mine comes via my mother Jane Pugh, via 4 other generations back to Anne Griffiths who was born about 1810 in Llangybi, Carnarvonshire.

I am HVR1 Haplogroup H10. There is an H10 worldwide results page here, which includes mine. Mitochondrial haplogroup H is a predominantly European haplogroup that participated in a population expansion beginning approximately 20,000 years ago. Today, about 40% of all mitochondrial lineages in Europe are classified as haplogroup H. For the purposes of genealogy you need the sub group, in my case H10, to make any progress, as the overall H group is too common (around 4.3% of all H tested to date are H10). Everyone in group H are all descended from a woman who came to Eurasia from Africa. In the coming years scientists hope to learn more about the particular path each of her daughters, granddaughters and great-great-great-granddaughters took. To learn this scientists are studying the geographic origins of each subclade and the haplotypes within the subclades.

H10 distribution from ftdna in Feb 2009

Maternal Lineage tests are derived from mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) which is passed from a mother to both her male and female children, but only the female child can pass it on. Thus mtDNA is a powerful investigative tool for researching the maternal line and identifying one's maternal ancient ancestry. Maternal lineage testing sequences portions of the mtDNA known as hypervariable regions (HVR). Two mtDNA segments, known as Hypervariable Regions 1 and 2 (HVR 1 & 2) are of interest. Your sequences are then compared to the revised Cambridge Reference Sequence (rCRS). The rCRS is the reference standard against which all mtDNA sequences are compared. Your results are displayed in a table that shows the location in the sequence, the reference nucleotide, and how your results differ. The number and type of differences your mtDNA has from the standard is what DNA Ancestry uses to determine your Maternal Ancient Ancestry or haplogroup.

So my results are

User ID HVR1 Mutations HVR2 Mutations
PHEVJ 16093C, 16221T, 16519C 263G, 309.1C, 309.2C, 315.1C

A high resolution match occurs when two individuals have exactly the same sequence in both the HVR1 and HVR2. High resolution matches are the ones which are more likely to be related within a genealogical time frame. A high resolution match has about a 50% chance of sharing a common ancestor within the last 28 generations (about 700 years). A high resolution match is the only match worth looking at.

A low resolution match occurs when two individuals have exactly the same sequence in the HVR1. As long as they are in the same haplogroup, these two individuals very likely share a common ancestor at some point on the maternal line. A low resolution match has about a 50% chance of sharing a common ancestor within the last 52 generations (about 1300 years). If the haplogroups are different, then the match is coincidental due to "convergent evolution" (two unrelated lineages mutate so that they look alike) and there is no common ancestor in thousands or a few tens of thousands of years.

In December 2008 there were 13 High Resolution matches with my maternal DNA. The most interesting to me is the Fancher match whose most distant female ancestor is from" Herefordshire". My take on the Reese family is here. I then found a perfect match with Philips on smgf database, which came from Wiltshire. So the state of trying to find the common female ancestor is currently shown on this map. Another couple of matches should start to give a triangulation on the source. There are other perfect matches in continental Europe

The 3 direct UK matches for my mt-dna

The results of the perfect match replies are as follows, which brings up France and Germany, with the rest in the USA and unsure of their roots.

My own mt-dna chain is:-
David Grant. Son of Jane Pugh b1915, Bangor, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Daughter of Elizabeth Evans b1892 Rhiwlas, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Daughter of Elizabeth Hughes b1835 Llandwrog, Caernarvonshire
Daughter of Anne Griffith b1810 Llangybi, Caernarvonshire

1. KPSZVContact : Keith Capen Allen Reply, he has traced his maternal line back to early 1700 and all in USA
Anna Louise Newland (1913-2000) Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co, NC
Daughter of Sarah Louise Andrews (1891-1980) Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co, NC
Daughter of Anna Cornelia Reid (1866-1949) Butler Co, AL
Daughter of Cornelia Pickett Coleman (1839-1883) Butler Co, AL
Daughter of Hannah Pickett Coleman [different family] (ca. 1815-1880) Rockingham, Richmond Co, NC
Daughter of Nancy Pickett Leake (1792-1817) Rockingham, Richmond Co, NC
Daughter of Hannah Pickett (1766-1809) Rockingham, Richmond Co, NC
Daughter of Mourning Raiford (1729-1801) NC

2. ADGKS Contact : Barbara Gregory. Replied with female line - they are all from the northeastern counties of North Carolina
Willie Rosa Copeland Lang (1905-1988) Gates and Hertford Counties
Daughter of Rosa Douglas Copeland (1881-1965) Gates County
Daughter of Mildred Douglas (1853-1902) Perquimans County
Daughter of Absilla Dempsey Douglas (1839-1865) Perquimans County

3. 874HQ and 4. PGJDE Contact : Doug Miller/Mike Leavey , he, Zeta Rivet and Nancy Tuckweb are siblings and the maternal line is French
Doug Miller son of Zita Martin
daughter of Genevieve Sanscrainte
daughter of Rosalie Soleau
daughter of Genevieve Bourg
daughter of Madeleine Beaulieu
daughter of Jeanne Labrecque
daughter of Margueirte Paquel Vallee
daughter of Eliz. Isabelle Meunier Monier
daughter of Francoise Fafard
daughter of Eliz. Thibou b. abt. 1600 Normandy France
St Jean Baptiste and St Patrice, d'Argences, Caen, Bayeux, France

5. MYD5E Contact: Kevin Webster, grandmother born Arizona, but no more idea on anything further back

6. esrej RICHARD FANCHER . See the link to Wales
Son of ? Oriel
Daughter of Elizabeth Reese
Daughter of Hannah Bevan b1829 Hampton Bishop, Hereford
Daughter of Ann Thackary (or Tomkins) b 1795 in Fowey, Herefordshire

7. SGK9W Tammy Garrison. Knows that her family is supposed to come from somewhere in Britain but does not have the specifics. Her mother has some of the information and is suppose to be getting it to her. The oldest connection currently have on her maternal line is Phoebe Parlee Wells. She is a great, great, grandmother and she knows she was married in Hartville Missouri. Also, her great grandfather, Jackson Carrol Wilson came to Tennesee from Ireland. He was born October 10, 1827 and died July 7, 1879 on a plantation near Calhoun, Tn. His wife was Sarah Martin Wilson, born October 13, 1827 and died August 7, 1898. Her mother was Parlee Culpepper, but no other information about her or if Sarah Wilson is the first wife (and thus a biological relative) of Jackson Carrol Wilson.

8. Glendelia R. Manning - emailed no reply

9. Virginia Dumas Skillman. I don't see any connections that I recognize. All of my ancestors for the past couple hundred years are from the USA, mostly from the southern USA. Most Distant Ancestor: Eliza Willingham, b. 21 Jun 1819, Newton Co., GA

10. Erich Wilhelm Reckel The female line is outlined below, and comes from Northern Germany (about 130 km north of Hamburg). I suspect that E5443 St. Peter Ording on H10-mtdna site is this one too
Son of Erika Reckel born Seipel (1898-1949) Hamburg-Altona
Daughter of Emma Seipel born Flohr (1890-1929) Götzberg (near Hamburg)
Daughter of. Dorothea Flohr born Reh (1833-1923) Vollerwiek (Peninsula Eiderstedt)
Daughter of Catarina Dorothea Reh born Jacobs (1808-1855) Vollerwiek
Daughter of Katharina Jacobs born Peters (1780-1815) Vollerwiek
Daughter of Margarethe Peters born Arriens (1740-1809) Vollerwiek
Daughter of Catarina Arrienß, born Ernst (1706-1748) Vollerwiek

11. SMGF tree Anna Jones b1890 in Utah
Daughter of Mary MACKELPRANG b1857 in Utah
Daughter of Sophie Margrethe SORENSEN b1820 in Branderslev, Maribo, Denmark
Daughter of Margritte HANSEN b1797 Utterslev, Maribo, Denmark
Daughter of Marie LARSEN born 1766 Maribo, Denmark

12. SMGF tree Sietske C KET b1901 Utrecht, Netherlands
Daughter of Alida DE BRUYN b1874 Linschoten, Utrecht, Netherlands
Daughter of Treintse NIERMEYER b 1838 Kockengen, Utrecht, Netherlands

13. SMGF tree Phillips
Daughter of Alice Margery Sainsbury b 25 Aug 1903 Great Cleverell, Wiltshire
Daughter of Florence Louisa Lancaster b. abt 1875 Great Cheverell, Wiltshire
Daughter of Dennes Scull b1832 at Erlestoke, Devizes
Daughter of Mary Bright b 4 Mar 1810 Erlestoke, Wiltshire
Daughter of Ann Ladd b1777 at Erlestoke, Wiltshire (she married firstly William Tilly in 1793. After William was killed by a cartwheel in July 1804. She married James Bright in Erlestoke almost five years later).
Daughter of ? James Ladd and Ann ? (IGI shows Nanny Ladd b 21 July 1776 to these parents at Erlestoke, Wilts)

14 Lynn Crabtree My mother was a Stamper, her mother a Lewis, their ancestors coming from Virginia into Eastern Kentucky in 1806. I have little information before that time.

15 NCMWP David Boynett "my best guess is that my female line came from England but no paper trail." 
Pamela Lynn Burkhart b. 1955 TX
Vickie Lynn & Sherry Gwinn Burkhart b. 1954 TX (Identical Twins)
Carol Lynn Boyett b. 1937 OK
Hazel Mae Roberson b. 1916 OK
Lillie Mae Simmons b. 22 May 1898 TX
Elvira Ann Vanzandt b. 10 May 1864 AR
Mahala Moulder b. 1826 TN
Nancy Meador b. 1810 KY

16..Tyrone S. Goodwyn.
son of Daphine Jacobs, b. 1931, Pender County NC, USA
daughter of Mamie Herring, b. 1910, Pender County NC, USA
daughter of Annie Walker, b. 1886, Pender County NC, USA
daughter of Ann Julia West, b. 1865, Sampson County NC, USA
daughter of Virginia Merritt, b. ~1845, Sampson County NC, USA
daughter of Sarah Jane Williams, b. ~1830, Sampson County NC, USA
daughter of Betsey (wife of Benjamin Williams), b. ~1800, presumably Sampson County NC, USA





My paternal DNA

H10 worldwide results

smgf database

PHEVJ   093C, 221T, 519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C, 315.1C  
    Others close on H10 project    
E5443 H10 St. Peter Ording 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
49607 H 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
49608 H 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
N47931 H10 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
874HQ H10 Francoise Tibou b.c.1600, France 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C Doug Miller
ADGKS H Absilla Dempsey b.c.1839 d.1870 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C Barbara Gregory
esrej H Hanna Reese, Hereford c1800 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C Richard Fancher
MYD5E H Grandmother b AZ 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C Kevin Webster
SGK9W H Phoebe Parlee Wilson d. 1896 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C Tammy Garrison
KPSZV H10 Mourning Raiford
b.c.1729 USA
093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C Keith Allen
  H10 Catarina Arrienß, born Ernst (1706-1748) Vollerwiek, Germany 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C Erich Reckel
SMGF Marie Larsen b1766 Maribo, Denmark 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
SMGF Treintse Niermyer b 1838 Kockengen, Utrecht, Netherlands 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
SMGF Ann Ladd b1777 at Erlestoke, Wiltshire 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C Phillips
SMGF   093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
N24355 H10 Frances Childerhouse; 1882-1953; Bedfont, England 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Venetia Rathbone
28079 H10 Francoise Fafard,b. c1624, Argences, Caen, Bayeux 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C  
91627 H10 Mary Catherine Specht, b. 1770 PA, USA 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Courtney McIntyre
4292 H10 Elizabeth Spong; Unknown 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C  
YANDJ H10 Marya Zabek b.c.1893
Lacko, Poland
093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Robert
NE4M9 H10 unknown 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Steve Freeman
KJT25 H10 Alice Keller b 1880
West Virginia, USA
093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Carol Shoemaker
GDSYZ H10 Nancy Meador b 1810 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Dave Boyett
6U5UK H10 Inge Hinricks b.c.1780
Deezb³ll, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Valerie Phillips Gildehaus
FWM5N H unknown 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Roy Kadel
E5X8V H Marte Olsdatter b 1769 Biri, Norway 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Geraldine Lachman
CHZ6U H Franz Schneeweiss
b1841 Oberschlesien, Germany
093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Kawaschinski
C6U9P H Elizabeth Phillip(s)
b1801, USA
093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Lynda K. Cooper
AW38U H Kathleen K Tibbott
b.c. 1912, USA
093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Lisa Whitcomb
AY4VR H Fatima Gibson
b 1818 unknown
093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C James Jackson
98SAR H Norway 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Charles SSwenson
8NCZN H Judith Leblanc
Quebec, Canada
093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Monique Groulx
85E7Y H Pearlie Davis
b.c 1900, USA
093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Nioka Kitchens
5Z46W H Elisabeth von Rickenbach b 1887 Schwyz, Switzerland 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Maria Adelheid Koller
4MFTD H Anna Christina Hippert b 1847 Germany 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Barbara Latsko
3Q9XX H Tina Sparks b.c. 1885, USA 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Gary Phillips
23Q3T H Mildred Dickerson
b 1853, USA
093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C Ellen Willis
SMGF Mertile Christine, b1892, Finland 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
SMGF Viner, 1884 Blaydon, Durham, England 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
SMGF Ann Marks, b1825, England 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
SMGF Halder, b.c.1830 Wuerttemberg, Germany 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
SMGF Ebach, b.c 1800 Alcase, France 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
SMGF Morton Froberg, b.c.1770 Copenhagen Denmark 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
SMGF Emma Stalm, b1847, Prussia, Germany 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
SMGF Michalke,b1870 Koenig, West Prussia Germany 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
SMGF Bodil Jorgensen, b1823, Skottemark Denmark 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
SMGF Maren Henricksen b1770 Sjelland, Denmark 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
SMGF Coulson, b. 1844
Hannah, England
093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  
SMGF Sophia Tomasak, bc 1830 Spis, Hungary 093C,221T,519C 263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C  


Contacted 6 March 2010

Christopher Caffey (FGS) **  
Mr. Jeffrey Joseph Hood **  
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Nioka Kitchens