Transportation to Australia - National Archives - extracted all Grants

From National Archives database, the Grant from Sothern Ireland only and from Australian database

Name date tried home age crime verdict
Adam 1837 Co Tipperary 25 stealing a watch, 7 yrs transportation
Alexander 1851 Dublin 14 felony dwelling 15 yrs transportation
James 1851 Co Kilkenny 16 arson 15yrs transportation
John 1850 Co Kilkenny 32 counterfeiting 7 yrs transportation
          (Margaret Grant, mother)
Martin 1850 Co Kilkenny 19 burglary 10 yrs transportation
Michael 1848 Co Galway   stealing sheep 10 yrs transportation
Patrick 1844 Waterford City 19 larceny 7 yrs transportation
Patrick 1848 Co Galway   stealing sheep 10 yrs transportation
Thomas 1841 Co Kilkenny 24 assault 7 yrs transportation
          commuted to jail
John 1830 Kings Co (tried London) 29 burglary life, on Exmouth 1831. Protestant
John 1799 ex Royal Irish Invalides (Philby Grant, wife)  
John 1799 Parktown, Moykarky, Tipp   United Irishman wife Judith petitioned on his behalf
(Judith, wife)(he was arrested 30 May 1798, and imprisioned at Geneva Barracks, Waterford. His wife's petition said they had 6 small destitute children. On payment of a 50 fine and the swearing of allegience, his sentence was voided.)
Michael Murphy 1849 Kings Co   Murder of James Grant  

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