Possible Surname Variants for "Grant" in Donegal


I list the detailed readout of all surnames in Donegal in Griffiths that start with "gran". Putting these on the map gives the spread that is shown on the map above

There are 5 groups worth considering

Today one can argue that they have all metamorphosed to Grant, there are 136 Grant in the Donegal phone book, but no Granny. Whilst the absence of evidence does not necessarily mean the evidence of absence, particularly with Irish records, my conclusion is that they did indeed change their name. The evidence points to there being no "Norman" descent Grants in Donegal, and indeed no Grants of any description in Donegal prior to around 1850, when McGranahan and Granny started to change their names to "Grant" for whatever reason


Detailed Griffiths results for a search for any surname in Donegal starting with "Gran..." I used the AskAboutIreland web site which Lindel Buckley, the owner of the best of the Donegal web sites Donegal Genealogy Resources pointed me to.

Surname Christian name Townland Parish
Granny Edward Shandrim Fahan Lower
Granny John Meendacalliagh Fahan Lower
Granny Charles Illies Fahan Lower
Granny James Illies Fahan Lower
Granny James Foffanagh Fahan Lower
Granny John Foffanagh Fahan Lower
Granny William Foffanagh Fahan Lower
Granny Catherine Foffanagh Fahan Lower
Granny Bryan, Jr. Foffanagh Fahan Lower
Granny Michael Foffanagh Fahan Lower
Granny Bryan,Sr. Foffanagh Fahan Lower
Granny Charles Foffanagh Fahan Lower
Granny Patrick Foffanagh Fahan Lower
Granny William Kinnagoe Fahan Lower
Granny William, Sr Kinnagoe Fahan Lower
Granny Owen Kinnagoe Fahan Lower
Granny William Gortnaskea Fahan Upper
Granny Catherine Gortnaskea Fahan Upper
Granny Patrick Adderville Clonmany
Granny Anne Adderville Clonmany
Granny William Ballyliffin Clonmany
Granny William Ballyliffin Clonmany
Granny William Straid Clonmany
Granny Ellen Straid Clonmany
Granny Michael Straid Clonmany
Granny Neal Straid Clonmany
Granny Patk. Straid Clonmany
Granny John Annagh Clonmany
Granny Daniel Ardagh Clonmany
Granny James Ardagh Clonmany
Granny Owen Ardagh Clonmany
Granny Susan Ardagh Clonmany
Granny Owen Ballymacmoriarty Clonmany
Granny Patrick Crossconnell Clonmany
Granny Owen Tullynabratilly Clonmany
Edward Tullynabratilly Clonmany
Granny Owen, Sr. Tullynabratilly Clonmany
Granny Michael Magheralahan Moville Upper
Granny Patrick Meenavanaghan Moville Upper
Granny Patrick Leamacrossan Moville Upper
Granny William Carrowkeel Moville Upper
Granny Robert Crockglass Moville Upper
Granny William Crockglass Moville Upper
Granny Mary Crockglass Moville Upper
Granny James Crockglass Moville Upper
Grany James Tullyally Moville Upper
Granny John Glenard Muff
William Glenard Muff
Granny Edward Churchland Quarters Donagh
Granny Edward Pound Street,Carndonagh Donagh
Granny William Carrowmore or Glentogher Donagh
Grant John Kildarragh Clondahorky
Mc Granaghan Rose Rinboy Clondavaddog
Grant Patrick Killavee Clondavaddog
Grant Michael Croaghross, Clondavaddog
Grant John Croaghross, Clondavaddog
Grant Denis Ardmalin Clonca
Mc Granahan
John Clonca Clonca
Mc Granahan John Dunross Clonca
Mc Granahan Michael Dunross Clonca
Mc Granahan James Glackadrumman Clonca
Mc Granahan John Laraghirril Clonca
Mc Granahan George Clonca Clonca
Mc Granahan Bryan Glackadrumman Clonca
Mc Granahan
Corns. Clonca Clonca
Mc Granahan Hugh Laraghirril Clonca
Mc Granahan James Clonca Clonca
Mc Granahan Patrick Clonca Clonca
Mc Granahan Patrick Clonca Clonca
Mc Granahan Patrick Dunross Clonca
Mc Granahan Philip Clonca Clonca
Mc Granahan Owen Laraghirril Clonca
Mc Granahan Michael Laraghirril Clonca
Mc Granahan Michael Gort, South Clonca
Mc Granaghan Hugh   Clonca
Mc Granaghan Owen   Clonca
Mc Granaghan John   Clonca
Mc Granahan Edward Dundooan, Lower Mevagh
Mc Granahan Edwd. Dundooan, Lower Mevagh
Granahan Richard Ardfarn Inishmacsaint
Granahan Michael Bundoran Inishmacsaint
Magrane James Moneymore Drumhome
Magrane Michael Ballynacarrick Drumhome
Magrane James Ballynacarrick Drumhome
Magrane Michael Moneymore Drumhome
Granahane Felix Legnanornoge Drumhome
Mc Granahan John   Stranorlar
Mc Granahan John   Stranorlar
Mc Granahan Daniel   Stranorlar
Mc Granahan Daniel   Stranorlar
Mc Granaghan Bernard   Raymoghy
McGranahan Thomas Tommyscroft or Craigs Convoy
Mc Granahan James Listellian Leck
Mc Granahan Patrick Listellian Leck
Mc Granahan Michl. Listellian Leck
Mc Granahan George Listellian Leck


And Donegal Genealogy Resources gives 3 more Grants from Griffiths for Clondavaddog