Chart AA - John's (b.1770) son John and his descendants

Believed to be John Grant and his brother James Grant, taken circa 1850

John (b.1805)

No living descendants of this man have been traced, so we cannot be certain what happened to them. Did they emigrate or die out? His occupation is given as farmer or landsteward, and he appears to have lived at Cangort, Shinrone all of his life. His address is given as Grattens Holdings on his death certificate.

It it may have been that this family that went to Stadbally and hence to Ballysheehan.

Ballysheehan Parish Vestry Minutes run from 1870

Alternatively the Ballysheehan Grants may be descended from the Limerick branch, whom I cannot fit into the family tree. There is a headstone at Stradbally church to Andrew (b.1856, d.1876), his brother Charles (b.1863, d.1883) , their Father Charles (b.1823, d.1894) and their mother Elspet (b.1823, d.1903). The father died at Mungret House, Limerick.

Canon Pennefather, the parish priest, in correspondance with Ron Cox in 1973 told of a Grant headstone in the Stradbally church

This gives a family tree

John Grant b@1870, above, moved from Stradbally to Ballysheehan in 1891. They went as Sexton & schoolmistress, the rector of Ballysheehan wrote to the rector of Stradbally to get a reference.It is possible that this John, b1870 was a brother of Andrew and Charles

I had originally put the Grants who moved from Stradbally to Ballysheehan as part of the descendants of the Grants of Shinrone. The above gives a case for linking them with the Limerick Grants, if indeed the Stradbally Grants were a descent of the Limerick Grants.

Another possibility is that the Limerick Mungret Grants were descended too from the Shinrone Grants or perhaps the generation before, the Moyaliffe Grants. In that case I would have to establish a link between the 1750/1790 Moyallife generation and the Mungret ones. This is a possibility, given that Robert Grant emigrated with the Talbot party, and I have been trying to establish a link between him and Talbot at Cloughjordan.

1822 Tithe App. Mungret Parish

There just are not enough facts to make any links



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