Frances Jane Kineavy (nee Wilkins) b1864

1864. Frances Jane Wilkins was born in 1864 and died aged 95

Frances when she first arrived in Toowoomba, would sleep under drays (horse drawn) for protect herself from the aborigines who only wanted flour and other goods.

1898 marriage 1898/C682 Frances Jane Wilkins to Martin Kineavy. They had 3 children

1907 her husband Martin Kineavy died, his death record shows him as the son of John Kineavy & Mary Kelly.

1912 She remarried Charles Grant (Lorna is sending me a photo of Charles together with writing on the back of the photo to prove his identity). Charles was buried at the Drayton Cemetery and I do believe he was a wonderful man.

1915/C3750 Margaret Kineavy died. Given as daughter of John Kineavy & Mary Kelly, she must have been unmarried

1937. Charles died 28 June 1937 in the General Hospital at Toowoomba, Queensland. He is buried in the Toowoomba & Drayton Cemetery at Toowoomba, Drayton & Toowoomba (Burial Number P801). There were no children listed on Charles’s death certificate. At the time of his death he was a butcher.

Charles Grant was listed as a bachelor when he married Frances Kineavy, and the house still stands at 129 Taylor Street. Frances when she first arrived in Toowoomba, would sleep under drays (horse drawn) for protect herself from the aborigines who only wanted flour and other goods.

Lorna Kineavy writes Frances was always known as Grandma Grant, even though she married again after Charles passed away (or at least we think she married) but there seems to be a lot of silence on this matter. Charles was 38 and Frances was 48 when they married. She must have been a bit of a "goer" for the want of another word

1949 Electoral Roll GRANT Frances Jane 129 Taylor st.  Toowoomba Darling Downs home duties

Death notice for Frances Jane Grant (formerly Kineavy nee Wilkins)

Notes on Kineavy in Toowoomba

Note. There is a marriage in Mayo 1877 of a Martin Kineavy in Cong. The marriage was registered in both RC and Civil Parish, which implies that it was a "mixed marriage", of a Catholic Marin Kinevay with a Protestant. This is not to a Bell, and without paying the Heritage Centre I cannot find whom he married. Cong is a village in County Galway and County Mayo on the border of the two counties. I have no idea if there is any connection to Martin Kineavy in Toowoomba.

1868 Michael Joseph Kineavy born 1868 in Kilmore/Ballina Parish RC, Ballina, Co Mayo.

1888 married Sarah Ann Bell 8th December 1888 in Queensland

1916 Joined AIF in 1916 (service record online) and at that time was living at Millmerran (near Toowoomba) with wife Sarah Elizabeth Bell

The name Kineavy is familiar to me. My parents farmed near Millmerran, and when talking about the old days, Mum talked about Mrs Kineavy who was a legend around the district. Apparently she was known as someone who could cure any ailments. Whenever anyone was ill, they would go to Mrs Kineavy - I guess with the absence of doctors, there had to be someone around who could help. Mum told me of a time when her mother-in-law took a child (with a sore throat, or ear infection or something) to Mrs Kineavy who cured it with a feather dipped in kerosene. (I wouldn't try that at home!) This would have been in the early 1900s I guess. Sorry I have no real info - just an interesting story.