Annie Grant 1889 - 1971

Frank Lee (grandson of Annie Grant) sent me this information and photographs.

It appears that my mother was born out of wedlock. She has two birth records. One as Mary Grant, born to Annie Grant on 28 November 1908 (08/002771) and then one as Mary Ryan, born to Annie Grant and William Ryan on 28 November 1908 (09/002897). What I suspect is that religion or isolation prevented William and Annie from marrying (he was Irish and Catholic and she was nether) and when they did marry in 1909 they registered Mary as a Ryan. There were no computers in those days to check these things. Annie did turn catholic and was quite a staunch one I might add. I had their marriage listed as 1908 because that is what my mum wrote; naturally. I have to make time to get those certificates.

Ivy Grant on the left with Mary (Molly) Ryan. Kate Elizabeth Grant (nee Talbot) on the left and Catherine Ryan (nee Hodnett) on the right. Rear L - R Ivy Grant, Mary Ryan, Ray Connell (Grandson of Catherine Ryan)
Centre L - R Kate Elizabeth Grant, Catherine Ryan,
Front - Gladys Grant.

L - R Gladys Jones (nee Grant) Anne Ryan (nee Grant) Mary Lee (nee Ryan) taken on 1 December 1969.

1919 electoral roll at Maranoa, Dalby

1955 Funeral Notices for Ernest William DOBSON husband of Catherine DOBSON (nee RYAN) from Courier Mail Dec 27 1955.

1959 Funeral Notice for Archibald Lee, husband of Mary Lee (nee Grant) from Brisbane Courier Mail Oct 16 1959.

1994 Funeral Notices for Catherine DOBSON (nee RYAN) wife of Ernest William DOBSON from Courier Mail Jul 8 1994.

1996 Mary Lee (nee Ryan, daughter of Annie Grant) wife of Archibald LEE (deceased) from Brisbane Courier Mail Dec 12 1996.

Richard Grant b1843