Charles Grant b1874

Charles Grant was born in 1874 in Ridley Mill, near Hexham in Northern England. His father was working as a "coke drawer" there ( a particularly nasty job that involved cleaning out the coke ovens)

1874 Richard Grant and his wife Mary Ann Bell had a son Charles born in Hexham Registration district. Births Jun 1874 Charles Grant Hexham 10b 284. Charles birth was more precisely at Ridley Mill, a village near Bywell

1881 Charles appears in the census, aged 6 and at school

1881 A few months after the census the family emigrated to Australia. Richard (39 years, laborour) his wife Mary (33 years) and their son Charles (6 years) departed from Plymouth 26 May 1881 onboard the "Arthurstone" and arrived in Brisbane 1 September 1881.

1886 Charles mother Mary died died 13 Feb 1886 in the Toowoomba Hospital of heart disease. She would have been 42 years old, and he was 12.

1887 Richard, Charles father, remarried to Kate Elizabeth Talbot on 26 Apr 1887 (1887/C420) at St. Johns Church, Dalby, Queensland. Richard was 43 and Kate was 20. Kate had been born in Barrow, Suffolk. They had three children as follows;

Kate and Richard produced three step brothers and sisters for Charles

1894 Richard Grant, his father died 18 Feb 1894 in the Toowoomba Hospital aged 51 years. After Richard Grant’s death in 1894, his widow Kate Elizabeth Grant had a further two children by Charles, Richard’s son (by his first marriage to Mary Bell). Charles & Kate never married, as indeed they were prohibited from doing by the "Table of Kindred and Affinity" of the church, althouh there relationship was not a blood relationship, just that of step-son and step-mother. At the time of the first childs birth, Kate was 31 and Charles was 24. The children are as follows;

1894 Charles Grant, was appointed to a job with the Queensland Railway 14 Mar 1894 Southern Division, Maintenance Branch. He was probably given his father's job after his father's death a few weeks earlier on 18 Feb.

1903 electoral roll gives

1908 Electoral Roll gives

1912 Charles married Frances Jane Kineavy (nee Wilkins, her husband had died in 1907 and at the time of her re-marriage to Charles in 1912 she had 3 children Roy aged 9, Ruby May aged 11 (she married David Humphrey in 1925) and Martin Charles aged 13. That is the same ages as the 2 children Charles then had by Kate) on 1 May 1912 at Aubigny Toowoomba Queensland. Charles was 38 and Frances was 48 when they married. The marriage certificate of this marriage records him as a bachelor. There is no record of children by this marriage, and given her age, 48, unlikely. I have no idea why Charles relationship with Kate ended. Kate Elizabeth Talbot lived on and died 24 Jan 1944.

Charles Grant 1916

Charles Grant in 1916

1922 Electoral Roll gives Charles Grant 129 Taylor St. Toowoomba Darling Downs labourer

1930 Electoral Rolls for Darling Downs, Toowoomba. The house still stands at 129 Taylor Street.

Toowoomba Chronicle 1934

1934 Charles makes the local paper when he breaks his leg a second time. He was having a problem with his health as by 1936 he is living in a rest home.

1936 Electoral Rolls for Darling Downs, Toowoomba

1937. Charles died 28 June 1937 in the General Hospital at Toowoomba, Queensland. He is buried in the Toowoomba & Drayton Cemetery at Toowoomba, Drayton & Toowoomba (Burial Number P801). There were no children listed on Charles’s death certificate. At the time of his death he was a butcher.

Frances was always known as Grandma Grant, even though she married again after Charles passed away (or at least it is said she re-married) but there seems to be a lot of silence on this matter. Charles was 38 and Frances was 48 when they married. And when Charles died she was 72. She must have been a bit of a "goer" for the want of another word

1949 Electoral Roll GRANT Frances Jane 129 Taylor st.  Toowoomba Darling Downs home duties

1960 Charles Grant's his wife, Francis J Grant died and was buried at Toowoomba on 10th September 1960 aged 95. The plaque on the grave was put by her children, so perhaps there were children from that marriage, though she did have three children by her first marriage.

From Lorna Kineavy "my husband's grandmother was Frances Kineavy. Francis had three children, Denis Roy (my father in law), Martin and Ruby. She did marry Charles Grant and I have a photo of Charles together with writing on the back of the photo to prove his identity. Charles was buried at the Drayton Cemetery and I do believe he was a wonderful man. " Kineavy notes

Richard Grant, his father