George Grant b1892

1892 George Grant was born 30 Jun 1892, died 07 Nov 1958. His mothers father was George Talbot, and I assume that is where the name came from. George died in 1958 and was cremated at Mt. Thompson, Mt. Gravatt, Brisbane on 10 Nov 1958. George had a private funeral and the only family mentioned was his wife Marie.

1919 electoral roll at Maranoa, Dalby

1919 George Grant married Isabella (Bella) Pallister on 9 June 1919.

1922 Electoral Roll gives

A son of this marriage, Richard, is believed by the family to have died of complications from chicken pox at age two years and is buried at Balmoral cemetery. But such a death is not found in the QLD death records.

It would appear that the marriage of George and Bella was not a very stable one and ended after a few years. We don't know what happened to Bella (there is a possibility that hers is the marriage of Isabella Grant to Alfred Stanley in 1921 - 1921/C1269) and it has been said said, "I heard she had an affair and was only spoken of in whispers". George is believed to have re-married and this is probably to the Marie mentioned in his funeral notice. There may have been children from this marriage. However there is no marriage registered in the state records before the cut off date of 1934 on privicy of records.

1934 Electoral Roll

Gladys Jones (nee Grant, and George's half sister) lived in Keats Street, Cannon Hill. George apparently lived behind her in Shelly Street, Canon Hill and a family story says "Every Thursday Mum (Annie Ryan) and Molly (my mum) would take us to Aunty Gladys place for lunch. The first things said always included, 'how's George Glady? Oh he's alright Annie'. But I never ever saw George, only Mudda (Kate Elizabeth Grant) who was mostly kept in her room as she was a bit funny and she must be the smallest woman I ever saw. I suppose these days it would be said that Kate had severe dementia. I don't know why I never met George either as I use to go on these family days and after all, I was 18 when George died but never even knew of him until I started to look into the family history."

1937 Electoral Roll

1943 Electoral Roll

1949 Electoral Roll George was a carpenter, and his wife was Marie. This must be "our" George, now married, as it is his wife Marie given when he dies.

1954 Electoral Roll

1958 George Grant died 07.11.1958 / 1958/B028718 Courier Mail 10.11.1958, p.18 - The private funeral of George Grant, of 42 Hardgrave Rd., West End, ... husband of Mrs. Marie Grant, will leave the funeral chapel, 17 Peel St., South Brisbane, ... this (Monday) afternoon for Mt. Thompson Crematorium.

Richard Grant 1843