James Grant b1887

1887 James Grant born son of Richard Grant and Kate Elizabeth Talbot.

Born 29 Dec 1887, died 08 Nov 1937. It is thought that James never married as there is no mention of family in his funeral notice in the Brisbane Courier Mail of 9 Nov 1937. There is a remote possiblity that he married 6097/1925 Nancy May Dawson at Randwick, Sydney in 1925 from a GeneReunited tree (ref Robert Hewitt) however the tree owner has no record of any children.

1913 electoral roll has Kate Elizabeth Grant living with her eldest son James at Warra

1919 electoral roll at Maranoa, Dalby. Living with his brother George and sister Annie and her family.

1922 Electoral Roll gives

1925 Electoral Roll

1936 Electoral Rolls for Darling Downs, Toowoomba. This could be him.

James I am told was a bit out of his tree. Apparently he was kicked by a horse when young and it left him a bit damaged. One night, a few years before his death, he was picked up by the police in Brisbane (what he was doing to attract the police attention I know not) and ended up in a Mental Hospital at Goodna and that is where he died in 1937. I don't think life was very kind to James.

1937 James dies . From the inscription, the tombstone (below) must have been put up by his surviving sibblings, Annie and George. Courier-Mail 09.11.1937, p.1 - The funeral of ... James Grant will leave the funeral parlour, 17 Peel St., South Brisbane, this (Tuesday) afternoon ... for Bulimba Cemetery.


1944. Kate Elizabeth dies and is buried in the same grave as her son James. James is buried (Portion 7, Grave No. 282) with his mother (who died after him in 1944) at Balmoral Cemetery at Morningside, Brisbane.

Richard Grant his father

I have tried a number of GenesReunited souces

James Grant b1927 at Toowoomba and got this reply from Jude Jackson (nee Travers) I don't know anything much about the James Grant in my tree, as he is married to my father's sister Mary. Uncle Jim & Aunt Mary had 5 children, Jamie, Fiona, Libby, Angus & Kate. My father died in 1987, and we have not had anything much to do with them since then. At that time they were grain farmers from Jimbour, on a property called "Landscape", just outside of Dalby. They are of interest as they are in exactly the right place, but unless I find others related to them, it is no more than that.

Norma Constance Grant b1926 married Ivo Lawrence Eiser in Toowoomba in 1954. I do not know if she had siblings. I also do not know who her parents are. Norma & Ivo had 2 children who were also born around T'mba/ Oakey district.

Jean Ellice Grant b. 15 Nov 1914 I have on my tree was married to John Foley b. 1912 they had 3 children Jeanene, Judyth and Christopher. Jean died in Brisbane QLD 1st Sep 1987, the Grant's are not my side the Foley's are so that is all I know about Jean. All the info I have about her I got from Judyth Hannah (nee foley) who is also a member of Genes reunited. Also a reply from Judyth Foley which said that although the dates of her Grants are contemporaneous with our Richard Grant and his family, they are not related. She descends from a John Charles Grant who married in NSW and had a son Frank Edgar Grant in NSW in December 1880. It was this Frank who moved to Toowoomba and had a daughter Jean Grant in 1914.