Anne (b.1854) daughter of Stephen b1811

1854 Apr 4. Born Tipperary daughter of Stephen Grant and Mary Ann Piper

1876 Feb 3. Married John Hasett in Dublin by license. Her brother William was a witness

1882 Mar 20 Born Dublin her daughter Elizabeth Hassett. The daughter emigrated to Akron, Ohio in 1905 and married Otis Edward Beal in 21 Nov 1907. I have not been able to substantiate the other child, but only Michael Hassett b1877 or James Hassett b1880 seem to be possibles. And of those I would discount Michael as it is a Catholic name not used by this family - and I found him in 1901 census as a Catholic.

1890 Her husband John appears to have died Apr/Jun 1890 aged 37 in Dublin (vol 2. p 566). Or John Hassett died Dublin May/Jun 1893 ( vol 2. p 512)

1901 census living as a servant at 12 Upper Mount St, Dublin

1906 Apr 23. Anne left Queenstown on SS Friesland with her daughter Elizabeth and emigrated to the USA and lived in Akron, Ohio.

There was quite a family community in Akron at that time. Her brother Stephen (b1848) had died in 1887 in Tow Law, Durham. His widow Catherine moved to Akron, Ohio where another brother's ( John (b1838) son, called William (b1868 in Durham), was living. Catherine took with her the two children, Thomas and Mary, of her marriage to Stephen.

1910 USA census living at Akron Ward 3, Summit, Ohio, She is a 53 year old widow living with her daughter and family. She has had 2 children during her life,and both are alive at this date. I assume the other stayed in Ireland

1920 USA census at Akron Ward 6, Summit, Ohio

1930 USA census living at Akron, Summit, Ohio 

1933 Dec 28. Died

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