The complete list of the descendents of Thomas Grant

gleaned from various sources:

Grants in Shinrone genealogy

Ellen Grant your research found, she was born in 1841 in Towra, wife of Robert Revington (1841-1882), daughter of Thomas Grant (1812-1871) and Elizabeth Blackwell (1822-1893).  At that time I gave you incorrect information about the death of Ellen (Grant) Revington.  According to information from the Ireland Civil Registration Index in 1885 (July-September), Ellen (Grant) Revington married again after the 1882 death of her first husband, Robert Revington.  Her second husband was Samuel Long, a man younger than she was, born c. 1855 in Co. Tipperary.  In the 1901 Irish Census, in Burntwood Big, Cloughjordan, Ellen Long is listed with her family as: Ellen Long, 60, b. King’s Co., farmer; Samuel Long, 46, farmer, b. Tipperary Co.; James Revington, son, 26, farmer; Robert Revington, 25, farmer, Fanny Revington, daughter, 21; Thomas Revington, 19.  In the 1911 Burntwood Big, Cloughjordan Census, Ellen (Grant) (Revington) Long was apparently no longer alive.  The family at Burntwood Big then was James Revington, 35, farmer, single; Thomas Revington, 29, brother, farm labourer, single; Fannie Revington, sister, single; Samuel Long, 50, step-father, single, farm labourer.  The farm remained Revington land.  Consequently, Ellen (Grant) (Revington) Long died between the 1901 and 1911 Censuses and c. 1906 is the best approximation I can give to set the record straight and restore to her many years of life.

Here is a second update.  Recently I paid attention to the 1910 Grant-Richardson marriage record in my family tree and, when I checked your website, I found the possible bride, Isabella Grant, and her family listed there.  Given the marriage year, I found her and her family in Ireland in the 1901 Census and her family in Ireland in the 1911 Census.  Since the names correspond to your website exactly, and everything else matches, they must be the same family.  According to the informant in the 1901 Census, all were born in King’s County.  However, according to the 1911 Census, it seems that the family was in Co. Tipperary until at least the birth of the last child, John Grant, c.1889.  There is a likely 1916 Canadian Census record for Isabella (Grant) Richardson in which her birth place is given as King’s County, Ireland.  The family members identified with King’s County.

My Thomas Grant (1812-1871), brother to your Stephen Grant (born 1811), married Elizabeth Blackwell (1822-1893) and in King’s County had children, Ellen Grant (b. 1841; wife of Robert Revington) and Thomas Grant (b.c. 1846; husband of Isabel/Isabella Parsons, b.c. 1845 Queen’s Co.,  name from her daughter’s Canadian marriage record.).  Thomas Grant and Isabel (Parsons) Grant had the children: William Thomas Grant (c. 1883-c.1906); Maria (c. 1885); James (c. 1886); Isabel/Isabella (c. 1888); and John (c. 1889). 

Isabella Grant, age 19, b.c. 1888, arrived May 29, 1907 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on board the ship, Ionian, which had sailed from Liverpool via Moville, Ireland.  Isabella Grant, domestic servant, was travelling to London, Ontario, Canada (likely to relatives who found her a job and then a husband within the extended family). 

On September 14, 1910 in London city, Middlesex Co., Ontario, Isabel Grant, daughter of Thomas Grant and Isabel Parsons, domestic servant, 21, living in London, Ontario, Church of England  married John Robert / Robert John Richardson, farmer, 29, born May 1, 1880 in Eastnor Township, Bruce Co., Ontario, Church of England, who lived in Adamsville, Bruce Co., Ontario at the time.   Robert John Richardson was the son of William Richardson (born c. 1841 Co. Tipperary) and Margaret Revington (born c. 1849 Co. Tipperary, sister of Robert Revington, Ellen Grant’s deceased husband).  Witnesses were Katie Horsfield of London and George Richardson of Hope Bay, Bruce Co., brother of the groom. Both bride and groom would have been my grandmother’s first cousins, although they were not related to each other, unless though the Hodgins family of Co. Tipperary further back in time.

In the 1911 Canadian Census, Isabel (Grant) and John Richardson were farming in Albemarle Township, Bruce County, Ontario.

There is a possible census record for this couple in 1916 near Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, farming there with no children.  The wife is identified (unusually) as Isabella Grant married to Robert Richardson, and as having been born in King’s Co., Ireland.   

1901 Ireland Census. Knockarley, Aghancon, King’s Co., Ireland

Thomas Grant, 49, farmer; Isabella, 48, wife; William, 18; Maria, 16; James, 15; Isabella, 14; John, 12; all C of Ire; all b. King's Co., Ireland

1911 Ireland Census. Knockarley, Aghancon, King’s Co., Ireland

Thomas Grant, 63, farmer; b. King's Co; Isabella, 64, b. Queen's Co., married 30 years, 5 children, 4 alive; James, 25, b. Tipperary; John, 22, b. Tipp.; Maria, 27, b. Tipp; all C of Ireland; Elizabeth England, 79, boarder, widow, b. Tipp.

I have no solid information about the future of this Grant-Richardson couple.  There may have been a daughter, Isabella Richardson (b. c. 1924 Bruce County, Ontario, Canada), and an early death for the mother, Isabella (Grant) Richardson, perhaps for the father also.  However this is still ambiguous hearsay.  The 1920 Canadian Census will be interesting when it is available. 

 I am originally from Co. Offaly but now live with my wife in Co. Cavan.  My parents William and Florence Grant live in Barna within the parish of Dunkerrin.   I have included a photograph of our family headstone in Shinrone Graveyard.  John Henry Grant and Harriet Grant were my grandparents.