Lisheen House, Moyaliff, Tipperary

Currently owned by the Quinns, this is believed to be the home of the Grants referred to in the leases

Currently a barn, Mr Quinn thinks this was the original Grant house Mr Quinn outside his house in 2009

It took some finding, but eventually, after many small roads and asking locals, we finally wound up at the Quinns house in Lisheen. In fact we are told the only house in Lisheen townland today. It is many years since the Grants left Lisheen. Mr Quinn told us that the house the Quinns lived in dated from around 1900, after the Grants time. But he knew that the Grants had lived there. In fact he had been told a a family murder, when apparently one Grant murdered another, but I have not been able to verify that.

Mr Quinn thinks that the outbuildings, pictured above, could have been the original Grant house. But I do not know enough about architecture to verify whether that is true or not.

Mrs Rita Boyland, an American lady, descended from the Grants visited there in 1997, and Mr Quinn remembered her visit.

Without more work at the Registry of Deeds it would not be possible to establish what happened with the Grants here. Dermot Grant did recall an incident when he thinks they were evicted from their cottage in the 19th century. This cottage was on the site of a newer house, called I believe Lisheen House, (built about 1900, and in 1996 owned by the Quinn family) Which ties in with what Mr Quinn told me. The fact that James Grant's children Maria, William and Henry all emigrated to the USA between 1863 and 1865 (Maria only being 8 then) shows that the death of their father certainly caused fairly major problems for the family.

It points to a post famine eviction or loss of lease on death of James Grant

This is the Ordnance Survey map of the house from 1830 to 1840 mapping


One can see that it is the building in the photo that survives and the present house is built on the site of the other building in the old map

Grants of Moyaliff