This refers to Lisheen near Moyne, not the Lisheen Moyaliffe. The Mahers were Jeremiah Grants landlords.

Lisheen Castle

To get this into context one has to remember that there are 3 Mathers around at this time. Nicholas Maher of Tullowmacjames and his brother Gilbert Maher of Loughmore, plus another Nicholas, the son of Gilbert and the man murdered by Mary Grant.

Nicholas Maher of Tullowmacjames, a very short distance NE of Templetouhy village. After the Lalors, the next most prominent Catholic landholding family in the parish of Templetuohy was the Meagher family, who became 'Maher'. The will of Nicholas Maher drawn up in February 1810 records the extent of his landholdings. Besides the lands he had inherited through the will of his father, John Meagher of Tullowmacjames, who died in 1761, Nicholas held lands both in fee simple and by leaseholds for lives in various parts of Tipperary, principally in the parishes of Moycarkey and Thurles, and in the counties of Clare, Limerick and Dublin. The lands he held in Moyne and Templetuohy were the townlands of Tullowmacjames, Moynetemple, Derryfadda and part of Moyneard. His main beneficiaries were his wife, Bridget Smyth of Callan, his two sons John and Valentine, and his two daughters, Marianne and Eliza. He also made bequests to the sons of his brother Mathias, who lived in Ballymullen, Co Laois, and to Nicholas Valentine Maher, the son of his sister Margaret, married to Thomas Maher of Cashel.

Gilbert Maher of Loughmore. There is no mention in Nicholas' will to the children of his other brother, Gilbert, who lived in Loughmore, in a house which was sited near where the present parochial house stands. He was married to a Miss Byrne of Summerhill, in Borrisoleigh parish. He had two sons, the eldest, John, married Mary Byrne of Boulibeg, Co Laois, and Nicholas, who lived in Loughmore parish, and who was murdered on 6 June 1810. The Mahers were then well established in the Esquire class, and Nicholas' murder received plenty of coverage in the local and the Dublin papers.

A Warrant of Distress Against Jer Grant by Gilbert Maher, who was described as having 'a litigious spirit', proceeded in August 1809. The results of that warrent are covered in the pages on Jer Grant. According to Jer Grant's account of events it was at that stage that Nicholas Maher, Gilbert's son, began an affair with Jer's sister Mary. He claimed that Nicholas not only seduced her but also proceeded to lead her into a state of licentious, drunken depravity. She had married William Costigan of Moyne in March 1808,52 but the reference to her as an 'abandoned female' in the newspaper reports of 1810 would seem to imply that she and her husband had by then separated. The outcome was that Mary Grant murdered Nicholas Maher, Mary was hanged, Jer was eventually hanged, and the other brother John shipped to Australia as a convict.

1822 In May 1822 a John Maher took a tenancy in the townland of Lisheen from landlord John Lloyd of Lisheen. In July 1822 Maher was targeted for taking up that tenancy. His house was attacked by a gang of about 12 men. They broke the windows, and in the name of "Captain Rock" forced him to open the doors. He and his son were beated and made to kneel and swear at pistol point that they would surrender the farm in 6 days. The code word "Captain Rock" shows that this is a Whiteboyism. Despite this he still appears in the pages of Lisheen in the Tithe Applotment Book of 1827 as "John Maher of the Islands" paying on 32 acres

From John Redmond in Ottawa, Canada in April 2009 The above John Lloyd is my GG Grandfather. He emigrated to Canada in 1856 with his young second wife Mary Ann (nee Minton) their baby Catherine (my GG Aunt) and John's son Frederick John Lloyd (by his first marriage to Catherine Rotton). His eldest son Charles Henry Lloyd took over the Lisheen Lands. I have attached a photo of John Lloyd taken circa 1854. Recently I found other Lloyd relations-cousins in both Australia and Ireland. I received the photo from a long lost cousin in Australia who's GG Grandfather was John Lloyd's brother, Rev. Charles Lloyd.

The obituary of my G Grandfather, John's son, indicated that John Lloyd Esq. of Lisheen had helped some former tenants emigrate to Canada and settle in Hastings Co. Ontario. The Diary of Deborah Lloyd, John's cousin who lived at Lloydsborough, co Tipperary indicates that John and family lived at Richmond Place? in those days. He and his wife Catherine (nee Rotton) actually left for Dublin for a time in 1823. She indicates their 'dread of the country being disturbed.'' John's Father Frederick Lloyd built Lisheen Castle for John and Catherine. While it was being constructed they lived nearby at 'Fortified House'

Catherine, the wife of John Lloyd of Lisheen, died in 1853, and it was family lore that he was so grief-stricken that he decided to emigrate to Canada. Records, however, show that he was remarried in Dublin the following year, 1854, to Mary Ann Minton or Minchen. He and his new wife emigrated the following year, 1856, and settled on Ontario, where a second family was started. John became involved in railway construction in Canada, probably in the role of engineer, in which profession he may have qualified while in Trinity College. Family lore also tells that Lisheen was in financial straits at the time, due likely to the building costs incurred in the castle, and the subsequent Great Famine, which partially at least impoverished many estates. John’s only other son, Frederick, also emigrated to Canada, but at what stage is not on record.