William Fogarty, on Jeremiah Grants sons emigration information

In 1840 John Grant brought two of his nephews, John & James to Australia. They were two of Jeremiah Grant's sons. Emigrant records show a James Grant emigrated to Australia in 1840 on the "Isabella". He was 27 (ie born 1813) and from Templemore. His parents were Jerry and Nancy Grant and his father was a farmer at Templemore. "Known to Wm Fogarty of Dromard" was presumably his sponsor. His brother John age 26 (born 1814) was on the same ship. They each married one of the Dooley sisters and were settled in the Mandurama area. John was killed in a shooting incident and died without any children. James & Mary had six children. They were the forbears of the extensive Molloy and Nowlan familes, forming part of the wider Grant complex who were amongst the early settlers who opened up this part of New South Wales. Their families appear in "Faces of the Grants of Moyne"

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ashlynmm@gmail.com The only info I have on the Fogarty family is that Michael came to Australia from Cork onboard a convict ship, in the early 1800's. Only info is that he came from Tipperary, and then it gets foggy. I'm guessing they were not a family of high standing, so there are little or no records, and that's where my branch ends for now. Katrina

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