The Templemore, Co Tipperary Branch of the Grant Family

As a result of visit to Templemore by my father in 1968, he discovered a dress-making store in Main Street called Grants. The ensuing conversation with Miss Breda Grant enabled a tree to be constructed for this family. Breda was a dressmaker and her father William was a tailor who had his business at the same premises until his death. Stephen was also a tailor but he worked in the USA until he retired back home in Templemore.

Her father Stephen was then alive, and the family were staunch Catholics, though they did admit that there were Protestants in the family long ago. Certainly her great-grandfather, William, a butcher living in Main Street was an RC, as was his brother James living next door. The whole family appear to have emigrated many years ago, and nothing was known about what had happened to their descendants.

Templemore Catholic Church

Miss B Grant also had an indenture dated 1837, bearing the name of Nicholas Grant, a publican and witness to a marriage settlement. By 2008 I believe that all the Grants had disappeared from Templemore, and that the family no longer exists there.

The entries from various records for the area are:-

1766 Religous Census 1766  (PRO Dublin doc 698 extract M3582 & M3585)

the census adds that there were 15 protestant families (64 people) and 159 RC families in the parish (817 people). Templemore town parish itself shows no Grants of either persuasion in the town.

1824 Pigots Directory Nicholas Grant, Publican Templemore


Templemore RC Records The records start in Nov 1809.

Stephen is shown as a farmer Templemore


1827 Tithe Comp Applotment Book

1838 Charles Grant married in Templemore C of I (in N Tipp Heritage records)

1846 ratepayer in Templemore, William Grant in Francis St,

1850 Richard Grant married in Templemore C of I (in N Tipp Heritage records)

1850 Griffiths Valuation

Parish of Templemore Killtillane William Grant 101 Main St
    James Grant 102 Main St
    John Grant 27 New Row
    James Grant 6 John Lane
Parish Killea Park Mary Grant 82acres
    James Grant 62acres
Parish Killavanogue Dromardbeg Anne Grant House

1854 Patrick Grant emigrated to Quebec and on to Boston, USA. He placed an advert looking for his brother Michael (last heard of in Belmont,Alleghany, NY) in 1864 in Boston Pilot. He gives his place of origin as Templemore

1856 William Grant of Jail St, a butcher in Slaters Directory

1865 Jane Grant married in Templemore C of I (in N Tipp Heritage records)


The following parishes are with a mile of Templemore -

1850 Jan 4 Templemore cert. Richard Grant age 24, Soldier 49th, Templemore, son of James Grant Cooper marries Isabella Jackson 20 daughter of Robert Jackson, Weaver

1856 Slatters Directory gives William Grant of Jail Street, Templemore as a butcher.

Burials in Catholic Church


It would appear that the family were in the area first at Killea Parish (about 1 mile NW of Templemore), where they are picked up as Protestants in 1766, with the two households of James and John. My guess is that they came from Moyaliffe in about 1740, and that James and John were the sons of Thomas of Moyaliffe.

At least one of these groups stayed there, and are shown in the 1850 Griffiths Valuation. The two Grant families of 1850 were noted to be in partnership with Cossar, Kinnally, Phelan, Kenahan & Burke.

It seems probable from the names that are given on the chart that they were RC at this date

There might be a connection with the family at Templeharry, where the only other Nicholas (b.1821) is to be found, chart D. These were difficult years in Ireland.

A Charles Grant married in Templemore in 1838 (FHT site) in Cof I.

William was a taylor won many gold medals for hurling, which were later donated to the local church and melted down to make the chalice for the church. William Grant died in 1957. His wife, Margaret died in 1981. Ms B Grant, died in 1984. Her sister, Anna Woods (nee Grant) died in 1992 and her sister, Rita Grant, died in 2002. Matilda married a policeman and her name changed to Leahy, she still lives in Templemore, near the Garda Depot. And Mary married an O'Connor, and lives in Cork city. The house in Templemore was sold. A sad day for all. Flowers are still put on the graves. But an era has passed.

And from another source

A Sergeant William Grant, Royal Artillery, was married to Matilda Trumph and they lived on Main Street, Templemore. They had a daughter Mary who was born in the barracks around 1892. His family seem to have been in Templemore for a very long period of time, certainly between 1890 & 1920. They also resided in Main Street, Templemore. However I assume he was an English soldier who married a local girl.

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