William Blanc, b1801

From Maureen Robinson in Canberra

"My" Samuel Blanc married in 1871 in Victoria, Australia. He provided the information on the marriage certificate, namely that he was born in Portarlington about 1843 (making him 7 years older than his bride, and that could mean he was even older but unwilling to say so) and that his father was William Blanc, clerk; his mother Elizabeth Nevin. Samuel was a saddler. Other Blancs in Victoria in the 19th century, of about Samuel's age were Christopher, Louis, George and Bridget. I have not connected them to Samuel.

It looks like Samuel the saddler in Australia in 1871 fits in to your tree quite conveniently, born 1843 to William & Elizabeth. I have never found an immigration record for him, nor a death record.  He belonged to the Lodge in Port Fairy (or Belfast as it was called then) and he married my great grandmother's sister Amelia.  That's all I have on him.  Amelia brought forth four children for him, then died.  The children spent a lot of their childhood with my great grandmother and her five children, but nothing further is known of Samuel.

Do the names of his children "fit" in with the family in Portarlington?  His only son was Samuel William.  Fine. Daughters were Emily Beatrice, Maria Margaret and Amelia Alice.  Of those names, only Margaret (and Amelia of course) came from Amelia's family.    Maria Margaret could have been to honour a sister of each of them, but otherwise they may have been breaking from the old traditions and choosing names just because they liked them.  I was hoping to find a Beatrice in your tree!

From your various trees, there seems to be two William Blongs born 1801 who married an Elizabeth.  Or could  all the children shown for them possibly belong to just one couple?  I think the Marias have different birth years, but maybe not.  It's hard to read on the edge of the page.

Blancs of Portarlington