Mary Ann Blong

george blong family Elizabeth Blong William Watson George Blong Mary Holmes Maria Blong Harriet Blong Susan Blong Thomas Blong Samuel Blong William Blong Charles Blong Elizabeth Blong 1824 Born Ireland Jan 14

Emigrated to Cincinnati, Ohio. Certainly at least 2 of the Blong sisters emigrated with their brother Thomas Blong. and went into the millinary business together.

Married William A Taylor and believed to have had 2 at least 2 daughters, Catherine and Myra. The cemetery records show three childern died within months of birth 1855 unnamed, 1859 Mary Caroline, 1862 Charles George. Another child Blanche, b1878, died1946 unmarried died aged 68 and was buried here. Her son William LeBlanc Taylor was buried in the grave b1856, d. 1897 aged 41.

maru Ann Blanc

1905. Died Jul 17. Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Ohio with her sisters Maris, Harriet and brother Charles Blong. Her cause of death was "dropsy", an old term for the swelling of soft tissues due to the accumulation of excess water. In years gone by, a person might have been said to have dropsy. Today one would be more descriptive and specify the cause. Thus, the person might have edema due to congestive heart failure. Edema is often more prominent in the lower legs and feet toward the end of the day as a result of pooling of fluid from the upright position usually maintained during the day. Upon awakening from sleeping, people can have swelling around the eyes referred to as periorbital edema. The Middle English dropesie came through the Old French hydropsie from the Greek hydrops which in turn came from the Greek hydor meaning water.

George Blong, her father