William Blong b1833

george Blong family

1833. William Blong, born in Portarlington and baptised in 1833 is noted in the St Pauls register as the third son of George Blong.

1870. He died 1870 aged 37 (recorded in state record as William Blane). The implied birth is 1833, and also the Lee Bible has the death of a William Blong on 18 Dec 1870.

The death certificate gives him as a farmer and married. The death is registered by a Mary Smith, present at death. I have not been able to find any children of his marriage

One possible marriage is this. IGI suggests birth of Christina Tinker circa 1829 and William circa 1825 - wrong date for our William

1850 Feb 12 Wm Blanc butcher, Portarlington ? (butcher)
  Christina Tinker Portarlington Thos Tinker

It does not appear to be the right marriage as I found a web post saying that William Blanc (lived 1822 to 1901) and Christina Tinkler produced Rebecca below. It also says that sibblings of William Blanc were Christopher, Samual, Elizabeth and Rebecca. And that the father of them all was Abel Blanc

The other possibility is William Blang married 1869 (Edenderry 1869, vol 18, p391). A more likely option, and if true probably means that there were no children as he died in 1870. This marriage is given in the Storey document as 20 Dec 1860, which would confirm that this is his marriage.

George Blong, his father