Ethel Grant 1894

1894 Ethel Laura Grant born 31 January 1894.

Ethel Grant as a child
Ethel is the smallest of the family in this photograph

CW Grant write "My sister Ethel lived with my father and May in Rathgar Road, but when May died the question arose as to how to best care for her. She was in delicate health and required care. The question of her welfare arose. Elsie wanted to bring her to Holywood, but my cousin Phoebe Luttrell offered to look after Ethel and take her to Portarlington. Phoebe, from the time Ethel was a baby, was always fond of Ethel and often had Ethel to stay with her. So arrangements were made for Ethel to go to Phoebe.  So from 1936 she has done so. The kindness of Phoebe is such we can never forget. Ethel is very happy with Phoebe. Phoebe is getting on in years, as far as I can judge she is 75 yeas of age. It is a sacred trust to me to look after Ethel, and in this I am indebted more than I can express to Phoebe. As long as I am spared, my object will be to ensure that Phoebe also is looked after. And it is my earnest desire as long as she lives that she will be provided for, and that those of my family who survive me will see to it. There will be sufficient in my estate to ensure this being done."

A simplified chart of the various familes involved with Ethel are shown below. She lived with her cousin Phoebe Luttrell at Spa Lane, Portarlington from 1936 until Phoebe died in 1963.

Pat Bird Thorp, a descendent of George Luttrell, emailed me "The other twin Phoebe confounded me by marrying another Luttrell & hence never changed her surname.It is only recently that I found out that she had married in her life. Her husband Frederick Luttrell, born 1893 in Queens Co., married Phoebe at the Lea Parish Church in Queens Co on 3 Nov. 1925. Sadly even though Phoebe was older than her husband she survived his death on 30 July, 1937 to be widowed until her own death on 5 Jun 1963 aged 79. She lived in Spa Lane, Portarlington. And as neither of the twin ladies had any children that line died out. Both ladies were remembered with deep affection by the family & Phoebe corresponded with my uncle for many years. Both my Uncle Will & Phoebe died in the same week."

The map of Portarlingon today shows "Spa Street", but the 1850 OS map shows the same street as "Spa Lane", so that must have been where Phoebe Luttrell and Ethel Grant lived.