Mary Elizabeth Grant b1885

1885 May Elizabeth Grant born 8 June 1885

Her mother Marie died on 28th May 1922. Her father Thomas carried on living at Rathgar Road. His daughters May and Ethel continued to live with him at Rathgar Road after their mother died.

My father believed that May had wanted to marry a "cousin" from Donegal, but that her bother Charles has forbidden the match on the grounds that she had to look after their parents. All I can find on this is that her mother Maria Watson had a sister Susan (in other words May's aunt) who married a Robert Stewart, a schoolteacher, and they went to live in Ballybofey in Donegal. Susan died in childbirth in 1889 at Dooish, Donegal. And her husband died in 1910. They had a son Andrew, who was born in 1886, and whose first wife died around 1920. He remarried later, but this could have been the incident referred to in family mythology.

1936 died 13 Sept 1936 when visiting Charles in Belfast. .