Margaret Watson born circa 1820

Margaret Watson married John Smallhorn, and they had a son James, who went to Australia. James Smallhorn was married to Sarah Gould and that they had 13 children.

From Jill Vincent on Genes James Smallhorn, his brother Henry and three sisters Jane, Anne and Elizabeth all came to Australia together from Portarlington on the ship "Golden City" in 1865. James Smallhorn settled in Toowoomba in Queensland and married Sarah Gould. James and Sarah were my mother's grandparents (my mother was Esmeralda Smallhorn - she called herself Ralda - her father was Henry, son of James and Sarah). James' brother Henry married Susan Eastwell and lived in Brisbane. Jane married Alexander Howlison (who was on the same ship) in Sydney but I can't find any living descendants of their 11 children. Anne and Elizabeth went from Sydney to Wellington, New Zealand, where they married John Williams and Thomas Brown respectively.

George Watson 1790