Elizabeth Watson b circa 1820

Putting together various posts on the web, I get this as the probable tree for Elizabeth Watson

Sarah Sexton was my gg grandmother, James sexton married Elizabeth Watson of Harristown,co.Kildare Ireland in around 1837. they had 8 children Mary, Elizabeth ,Sarah, Charlotte , William, James, Emily and Tempi. Mary married Mr. Collins and lived in Canada. Eliza married Mr. Green and lived in Canada also. Sarah and charlotte remained in Ireland and married Mr.Crawly and Mr. Strong .William and James the only sons. remained in Ireland. Emily and Tempie both moved to new Zealand and married. Sarah married my gg grandfather Ralph Crawley ,Charlotte married Samuel Strange or Stronge I think Stronge is a misspelling I have found Charlotte's children since then in the LDS under births ,using Charlotte Sexton Regards Ralph McKelvie


George Watson, her father