Maria Watson b 1850

Maria Watson, second daughter of William and Elizabeth Watson was born 11 Feb 1850 in Clonsast. Records show that the 5 Watson daughters were born in Clonsast near Portarlington and later in Harristown, Kildare, the last was born around 1862.

She married on the 25th August 1880 to Thomas Grant at St Paul's Church, Portarlington. The ceremony performed by Rev Dean Wolseley. And the marriage record shows her father William Watson as a labourer. Their marriage certificate gives Thomas Grant as a sergeant in the DMP, but oddly gives his address as Portarlington. There were not any DMP officers in Portarlington, it was the RIC who manned Portarlington. Thomas's brother James (who was 8 years younger than Thomas and also at that time in the DMP, married a Sarah Ann Watson born 1860. She is not a sister of Maria, but I suspect was a cousin)

Marie Watson was a ladies maid in Dublin which must have been where she met her husband Thomas Grant. After marriage they apparently went to live in Portarlington at her mother's house. They could not have lived there very long as they are living in Dublin when their first child is born in May 1881. She died in Dublin in 1922 aged 70.

A complex family structure seems to exist for the Watsons, with intermarriages with Blanc, Luttrell and Smalhorn in a number of places.

My grandfather's sister Ethel lived for many years with her cousin Pheobe Luttrell in Partarlington. Ethel and Phoebe had a shop together and lived in a house in Spa Street, Portarlington. I believe Ethel went to Portarlington after her sister May died in 1936.

The best I can manage for the trees at present is here. A fuller explanation of the sources of this tree is given under William Watson, her father.

They lived in various houses in Dublin from 1881 until she died there in 1922. The details are given under her husband Thomas Grant. For some years before his retirement his wife had been ill, and on retirement in 1912, he devoted himself to looking after her and their daughter Ethel. His wife Marie died on 28th May 1922. Thomas carried on living at Rathgar Road. He died on 15th February 1940 at Kingston Lodge, 24 Rathgar Rd, Dublin. The remains of both Thomas and Marie are interred at the family grave at Mount Jerome.

Marie Watson with her husband Thomas Grant and her 3 surviving children

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