Watson & Blong records - Clonsast

Birth records. Parents are not given for these births. From fiches in Nat Archives

Year Day Childs name Townland
1811 1 Sept William Watson Millgrove
1814 20 Aug William Watson Mobleynakele ?
1818 28 Oct William Watson Clonsast
1820 15 Oct John Watson Clonsast
1820 1 Oct Mary Blong Nahana
1822 29 Sep Henry Watson Clonsast
1823 6 Sep George Blong Nahana
1829 15 Jun Joyce Watson Nahana
1829 6 Nov Argate Watson Clonsast
1830 6 Mar Ann Blong Nahana
1830 8 Dec John Watson Nahana
1832 3 Feb William Watson Nahana
1833 29 Sep Richard Watson Nahana
1835 11 Mar Catherine Watson Nahana
1836 4 Jun Mary Blong Nahana
1836 15 Dec Michael Watson Nahana
1838 3 Jan Ann Blong Nahana

Marriage records (note state records only run from 1845)

1835 13 Jul Thomas Watson of Clonsast married Elizabeth Moore of Clonsast
1837 13 Dec John Watson of Clonsast married Elizabeth Crampton of Clonsast
1846 8 Oct John Watson marries Elizabeth Acrett at Clonsast .
1846 15 Jun George Blong, age 22, batchelor, servant, son of Francis Blong, labourer of Rathangan marries at Rathangan Church Catherine Ennis, 33, spinster, servantand dau of Dinny Ennis, labourer of Rathangan
1848   William Watson Edenderry vol5 p643
1850   George Watson Edenderry vol5 p657
1850   Joyce Watson Edenderry vol5 p656
1850   Anne Watson Edenderry vol5 p654
1850 1 Jan Jane Watson, dau of Henry Watson and Eliz Tyrrell William Price son of Richard Price and mnary Prendergast
1850   George Blong Edenderry vol5 p662
1861   Susan Blong Edenderry vol5 p652
1871   Ellen Blong Edenderry vol3 p531
1873   Anne Blong Edenderry vol8 p381
1877   John Blong Edenderry vol3 p443
1880   Eliza Blong Edenderry
1884   John Blong Edenderry
1889   Thomas Blong Edenderry


1809 27May William Blong aged 51
1864   Thomas Watson age 67, Edenderry vol 18 p348
1866   Charles Blong age 1, Edenderry vol 13 p340
1869 Jan 25   William Watson aged 52. Edenderry vol3 p401Married, gentleman farmer. Reported by Thomas Mather. At Ballinarath
1871   Jane Watson age 80, Edenderry vol 3 p414
1875   Rebecca Watson age 58, Edenderry vol 8 p413
1876   Mary Watson age 84, Edenderry vol 3 p431
1878 Mar Mary Blong age 3, Edenderry vol 3 p444
1878 Mar Henry Watson age 73, Edenderry vol 3 p445
1879 Sep George Watson age 0, Edenderry vol 3 p349
1880 20 Apr Peter Blong of Edenderry age 80, butcher (ie Edenderry registration district in state records)(I have cert, Susan Crampton present at death)
1880 26 Aug Isabella Blong age 75 of Edenderry (ie Edenderry registration district in state records)
1883 13Sept John Blong Widower, coachman, age 85. Mary Blong, sister-in-law, present at death. Died at Sheeane, Edenderry District.
1883 Jun Mary Watson age 64, Edenderry vol 3 p449
1886 Mar George Watson age 78, Edenderry vol 3 p395
1886   John Watson age 76, Edenderry vol 3 p313
1889 Mar Anne Blong age 68. Edenderry vol 3 p361
1889 Mar John Blong age 46, Edenderry vol 3 p356
1889 Dec Benjamin Watson age 84, Edenderry vol 3 p305
1892 Dec George Blong age 46, Edenderry vol 3 p301
1892 Dec John Blong age77, Edenderry vol 3 p307
1895 Mar Christopher Blong age 80, Edenderry vol 3 p363

Griffiths 1853 for Clonsast Parish

Occupier Surname Occupier Forename Placename Notes
Watson George Aghameelick 2 acres of land
Watson George Aghameelick 6 acres of land
Watson George Derrygarran 16 acres land & house
Watson Thomas Clonsast Upper 2 acres land
Watson Thomas Clonshannon 721 acres bog
Watson Thomas Clonshannon 93 acres house & land
Watson William Clonshannon house (landlord is Thomas Watson)
Watson Benjamin Cushina 28 acres land & house
Watson John Kilcloncorkry 47 acres land & house
Watson Henry Naharra 142 acres land & house


email from Paul Nulton in Sept 2009

I am Paul Nulton in Wisconsin USA.  My gggrandparents James Watson and Sarah Goodwin were married in the Clonbulloge Church of Ireland in May, 1864.  James Watson is the earliest Watson I have.  He was born in 1840 or 1841. I know of no brothers or sisters of James.   After marriage they lived and raised three sons in Longford, NW of the area we are searching.  Their oldest, Charles William Watson, became father of George William Watson, my mother’s dad.  CW was born in Longford in 1866 and emigrated with his parents to Canada in 1886.   James is listed in the Longford newspaper as a “master saddler”.  He made harnesses and saddles for horses. 
I visited Clonbulloge on Sunday, August 23 2009.  I found a Martin Watson, the first house on the left, west of Clonbulloge on the Cloncreen Rd.  His Watson grandfather was from Edenderry.   He and his wife Clare got on the phone and called relatives who knew some about the ancestors.  One said Sarah Goodwin was from the house on the north side of Cloncreen Rd. first on the right west of Clonbulloge. 
   Another man in Clonbulloge, Henry Justin,  suggested I talk to Olive Watson Chadwick in Cushina and to Bobby Ward.  I didn't have time.  I did talk to a Marion Watson by phone whose grandfather was John Watson.  Her greatgrandfather had come to Portarlington from Edenderry.  She said the Watsons had had a coach works in Portarlington that later was Searson's Hotel.  She didn't think it was still in business and I couldn't find it there.
    Martin's family was from Edenderry.  He said the Watsons there were specialty painters:  artistic designs and graining for fancy houses.  His grandfather said he had painted the bank when he was in his 70's.  A man I met in Dublin had discovered a signature of "John Watson, painter" on some windows he replaced in a house.  He said the Watsons in Edenderry were Quakers.
   Martin Watson on Cloncreen Rd is 620@gmail.com.   Marion Watson is watsonmarion@gmail.com.  Her phone is 00353 86 8154663.
As for more distant origins, all I have is the family tradition that they were not Irish, they were English. 

William Watson of Clonsast