Margaret Afflect 1733

I suspect that her name should be Afflect. The marriage is on Scotlands People as Auflect, but that may well be phonetic by the priest in 1733. and Scotlands people are not rich in "Auflect" and Google has none. Basically she called herself "Auflect" through her life (its as that on the birth records of her children too), but I suspect she was born "Afflect" below, and the change to "Auflect" may just have been how one man, the local clergyman, wrote it.


1733 there is a Margaret Afflect born Carrington, Midlothian, Scotland 28/01/1733 daughter of Thomas Afflect & Helen Nicol at Carrington or Primrose, Midlothian. Cockpen (where she eventually married) and Carrington (where she was born) are within 3 miles of each other. There is therefore a strong probability that this is "our" woman. "Margaret procreat betwext Thomas Afflect & Helen Nicol was born the 25 Jan 1733 and baprised 20th January."

This is the only birth to this couple on Scotlands People

We are interested in the wife of Adam Proctor, one entry in ScorlandsPeople gives us that. There are only two marriages given for this name "Auflect" in Scotlands People, and these are:-

02/03/1706 Allan Auflect to Marion Brown at Lesmahagow, Lanark
06/07/1759 Margaret Auflect to Adam Proctor Cockpen, Midlothian

1759 Marriage — 6 July 1759 in Cockpen, Midlothian to Adam Proctor . Both Adam Proctor and Margaret Auflect are "of this parish"


John Proctor born 1760

William Proctor born 17 August 1762

Adam Proctor baptised 22/09/1765 Cockpen, Midlothian

Elizabeth Proctor baptised 18/12/1768 Cockpen, Midlothian (Scotlands People)

After 1768 I can find no trace of Margaret Proctor (nee Auflect or Afflect)

Adam Proctor b1736