Margaret Forrest, b1767

Elizabeth Roger 1807 Adam Proctor 1797 Adam Proctor 1765

I can find no reason why her father is named as James Forrest on web pedigrees, because in fact her marriage certificate, although it does name a James Forrest, he is merely her "cautioner", not her father. I would assume that he was her brother or uncle. So if we go back to basics, the marriage entry for Margaret Forrest and Adam Proctor in 1794 says she was from parish of Dalkeith. The only Margaret Forrest born in Dalkeith at this time is in 1767. Both Scotland's People and LDS give an entry that I am inclined to believe that this is "our" Margaret Forest

I assume the record does not exist for her father's birth. From Scotlands People, the closest candidate would be 02/06/1736 Andrew Forrest son of Andrew Forrest and Christian Taylor of Canongate Edinburgh City. An Andrew Forrest b. circa 1707 of Edinburgh (son of Patrick Forrest) married Christian Taylor 14 May 1732 at Edinburgh. However I have no reason to suppose that the family were in Edinburgh and not Dalkeith or surrounds at that time.

The only, and probably correct, candidate for her mother Jean Johnston's birth is 18 15/09/1745. Jean Johnston daughter of James Johnston and Jean Watt of Newbattle.

Scotland People give the banns for both bride and groom

08/12/1761 Andrew Forrest and Jean Johnston banns read at his parish Dalkeith, Midlothian
14/11/1761 Andrew Forrest and Jean Johnston banns read at her parish Newbattle, Midlothian

They were married on 8th Dec 1761

The cautioner for the man is James Forrest (I would assume is the man that marries 13 Jun 1760 to Margaret Mabine at Dalkeith)

They had three children

Margaret marries Adam Proctor

1794 Marriage entry— 19 December 1794 in Newton, Midlothian Margaret Forrest marries Adam Proctor b1765

Cautioner - one who acts as surety for another, thereby undertaking to be liable for the default of another, or for his appearance in court, payment of a fine, etc. (Scots). For a wedding the cautioner ensued that the bride or groom turned up for the wedding within the forty days of the banns being read. Nowhere can I find that the father was the cautioner, and in the case of her husband, the cautioner was certainly not his father (cautioner was William Proctor and his father was Adam Proctor)

1795 born a son, John Proctor on 9 October 1795 in Millerhill, Newton, Midlothian

1797 born a son Adam Proctor on 19 December 1797 in Millerhill, Newton, Midlothian. His death certificate confirm his parents Adam Proctor (carter) and Margaret Proctor (nee Forrest)

1800 born a daughter Elizabeth Proctor 7 February 1800 in Millerhill, Newton, Midlothian

1802 born a daughter Helen Proctor 29 APR 1802 in Newton Midlothian

1841 Census she seems to be dead by then. She has either died before 1841, is not living in Edinburgh if alive, or has remarried. Certainly she died before 1855 (when official records began)

Adam Proctor b1765