Desmond Proctor Robinson

Desmond was a public school housemaster. He worked at Woodbridge School. Ironically Jane Robinson was an HMI and the school asked her become one of its governors. Desmond and Jane got on famously. Apparently when Jane met him for the first time, she introduced herself, saying what her name was, and that she was Jane Robinson, and was his niece. His response was "of course, my dear, you have the family nose". Desmond was unmarried

1912 Nov 25. Born Dublin. Son of George Robinson and Ada Proctor

Desmond with his mother. photo from Carole Nutt (wife of Jonathan Nutt, DPR's executor)

1967 I see that Desmond came to our wedding in Oxford

2000 Oct 5. Died Gordon House, Cumberland Street, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Ada Proctor, his mother

George Robinson, his father