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Henry Evans


Henry Evans was born in Anglesey in 1861, the son of a tailor, and the grandson of a tailor, who became a tailor himself. His birth certificate shows he was born 24 May 1861 at Gilfach-bach, Llanddaniel-fab, Anglesey, son of John Evans and Ellin Evans (nee Ellin Edwards) His parents moved to Cwm y glo in Carnarvonshire. He married and moved first to Ebenezer, then Rhiwlas and finally Bangor. He and his wife had 5 (possibly 6) children, but she died at the age of 34 of TB and he brought the family up himself. He died in Bangor in 1933. A tobacco box of his son John R Evans refers to his grandfather as John Evans. I had trouble tracking down his birth cert - it turned out he was registered as "Harry Evans" and not "Henry John Evans" as on his marriage certificate.

1861 census. Henry Evans was not born when the 1861 census was carried out. The three people living in the household at the time of the census are John Evans (age 31, tailor, born Llandrygan, Anglesey, his wife Ellen (age 36, born Llanwyllog, Anglesey) and her daughter Elizabeth Evans (age 10, born Llangefni, Anglesey). They are living at Gilfachbach, Llanddaniel, Anglesey (the building was uninhabited by the 1881 census). The girl, Elizabeth was his step sister (fathered by a Mr Jones), who came with her mother's marriage to John Evans.

The family moved to Cwm-y-Glo between 1861 and 1871. It may be possible to get his scholl records.

1871 census Henry Evans is given as son of John & Ellen Evans. He is living at the time of this census with his parents in Cwm Y Glo, Llanrug, Carnarvonshire. Aged 10 and born at Llanddaniel. Another child John R Evans has been added to the household. I have the death cert for this John Richard Evans who died of "infantile convulsions" at Alt Goch, Llanrug on 13 May 1871 aged 5. Given as the son of John Evans, slate quarry labourer. The death was reported by Ellen Jones of Cwn-y-Glo, who was present at the death. I cannot work out who Ellen Jones is. There is a 66 year old widow called Ellen Jones living close to them in thew 1871 census, so it could be her

1881 census Henry Evans is given as son of John & Ellen Evans and working as a tailor. They are living in a named street Allt Goch in Cwm y glo

1886. Henry John Evans married Jane Ellen Thomas (certificate) . The marriage was on 20th May 1886 at Caernarfon Registry Office between Henry John Evans age 25, tailor, of View Terrace, Ebenezer, son of John Evans a Slate Quarry Labourer and Jane Ellen Thomas, age 21, of Co-operative House, Ebenezer, daughter of John Thomas (deceased) a Slate Quarrier. Although his trade is given as "tailor", no trade is ascribed to his wife, Jane Thomas. She is listed in 1881 census as "dressmaker", so it may well be that they met through work.

1891 census lists him as Henry Evans a tailor living at High Street, Ebenezer, Llanddeiniolen with his wife Jane who is a grocer, and their first child John R Evans.

Their other children were born fairly rapidly

1892 twins Henry Herbert Evans and Elizabeth Ann Evans (my grandmother) were born

1894 Jane Evans was born

1897 Grif Ll Evans was born

1899 Henry Evans wife Jane died at High Street, Ebenezer, (perhaps) in childbirth on March 29th 1899, however the death certificate records a form of TB. Emrys Pugh believes that the child, Nell, was sent away, maybe adopted. I have not been able to track down a birth cert

1899 The youngest child Annie (also known as Nel, died in Dec 1899)

1901 census. Henry Evans, widower, tailor on his own account. By now he is a widower, his wife died 1899. Only Henry himself and John his eldest son, are listed as being bilingual. the rest of the children are monoglot Welsh. They are living at Pen y Ffridd, Rhiwlas at this time. The remains of the house can still be seen above the village. There is no connection to the Pen y Ffrydd where Jane Thomas's mother had lived until late 1890's

Living with him in the house are his 5 children all born in Llanddeiniolen, John Rd Evans age 11, Henry Herbert Evans age 9, Elizabeth Evans age 9, Jane Evans age 7, Grif Ll Evans age 4

He moved to 221 Caernarfon Rd, Bangor soon after this, and lived there for the rest of his life. Certainly his daughter Elizabeth Ann Evans was living at that address when she gave birth to my mother Jane Pugh. Elizabeth Ann Evans was living at this address with her father when she got married in 1919 to Evan Pugh, and continued to live there as the new Pugh family reared their next three children there (Margaret, Rhiannon and Emrys) before moving out around 1930 (presumably the house was too small for them all by then). Henrt Evans continued to live there until his death.

221 Caernarfon Rd, Bangor

1933 Henry Evans died age 72 still living at 221 Caernarfon Rd, Bangor. Death certificate

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