John Evans born 1798

1798 John Evans was born in Bryncroes, Caernarvonshire. He has moved to Anglesey by the time of the first census, and was a tailor. I have no idea what prompted his move to Anglesey, a long way to move in those days

1820 marriage. The IGI gives a marriage of John Evans and Jane Prichard 23 May 1820 Coedana, Anglesey (Coedana is at Llanerchymedd).

1820 There is the baptism given in IGI on 15 Oct 1820 at Coedana of Owen Evans to this couple. John Evans to them on 03 April 1825 at Llandrygarn, Anglesey. William Evans on 6 April 1828 at Llandrygarn, Anglesey. There is a fit with the later census information, and I would be confident we have the right marriage.

1825 a son John Evans born near Llangefni on Anglesey (before official records began). The place of his birth is difficult to be absolutely certain, as he renders it in a number of different ways in the censuses. The 1861 census gives Llandrygan (this is a clear and unambiguous script) (5miles NW of Llangefni). The 1881 census gives Llachganfarnydd (?), Anglesey, I cannot find this, however there is a Llechcynfarwy on the map, and Llandrygan (listed as his birthplace in 1861) is within a mile of it. My conclusion is that is where he was born in 1825

1841 census: we first pick up John Evans, age 40 tailor, living at Park Stanley, Llangefni (about 1 mile south west of the town, but still part of the parish of Llangefni). Jane Evans, age 50, wife. Children: Owen Evans, age 20: Catherine Evans, age 15: John Evans, age 15: Henry Evans, age 7. John and Catherine appear to be twins, but ages are rounded to 5 years in this census, so they probably are not.

1851 census: John, age 54, given as born at Bryncroes, Caernarvonshire. Living at : Llangefni, Anglesey. Occupation: tailor. With family: Jane Evans 63 (born Llangadwaladr, Anglesey), Catherine Evans 27 (born Llandrygan) , Henry Evans 17 (born Llangefni, joiners apprentice). The two older boy's, Owen and John have left home.

1860 His son John Evans, bachelor and a tailor aged 30 marries Ellen Edwards, a spinster, aged 31 of Llanfair-is-gaer ""Llanfair-is-Gaer, (or Bryn Llanfair) a parish in county Carnarvon, 2 miles N.E. of Carnarvon, its post town, and 7 from Bangor. It is situated on the shore of the Menai Strait, and includes the township of Brynffynon and port of Dinorwig. His father is John Evans, a tailor and her father John Edwards, a nailor.

1861 census. Still living at Park Stanley, Llangefni with wife Jane and daughter Catherine (an unmarried dairymaid). John is given as a "tailor & farming of 11 acres"

1871 census Both John and Jane appear to have died by the time of the census. Their daughter Catherine has married a tailor, and is living 3 miles from Llangefni. The are too many John Evans deaths in the registration district to get the right man.

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