Elizabeth Lloyd b1837

Elizabeth Lloyd was born 16 Nov 1837 (probably in Llangollen, as she always put Llangollen on census and Marriage cert), the illegitimate daughter of Henry Clayton, a porter, and Bridget Lloyd, daughter of Robert Lloyd of Bala. Aled Pugh has confirmed that "our" Elizabeth Lloyd lived with her grandparents, Robert and Elizabeth Lloyd in Bala, so I am happy that I have the right person here. Oddly her birth certificate does not give her place of birth. Her birth is indexed by the Registrar as "Elizabeth Claton"

There is nothing in the Llangollen records for an Elizabeth Lloyd. The birth certificate that I finally managed to get was for an Elizabeth Lloyd, the illegitimate daughter of "Brichard Lloyd" and "Henry Claton, porter". This birth is registered in Bala on 19th Dec, for a birth on 16 Nov. The column for when and where born only gives the when, and does not give the where, so it could have been at Llangollen. Significantly the birth is reported by "Jane Lloyd, aunt (of the baby), and daughter of Robert Lloyd, butcher of Bala." Births are usually reported by the mother. In lieu of other information, one has to assume that this is correct, and that Bridget and not Jane was the mother. Robert Lloyd, we know from census information, did have daughters Bridget (who later married Napoleon Henry Stidworthy in 1844) and Jane.

1841census and 1851 census show her living with her grandparents, Robert and Elizabeth Lloyd, at Bala. Her mother, Bridget Lloyd, was not in the 1841 census at Bala, is recorded as getting married in 1844 and returned to live with her parents again by the 1851 census, with her husband listed as a mariner. Elizabeth was 13 years old in 1851, and must have moved away from her grandparents soon after this to get a job.

1858 She has an illegitimate child. Joseph Wright Lloyd was born at 5 Wilson Street, Birkenhead. No father is given, mother is Elizabeth Lloyd. Birth Certificate was on 9 December 1858, and registered a month later on 18 January 1859.

One assumes the father was a "Mr Wright", and that Elizabeth Lloyd went to Birkenhead to have the child discretely, away from the neighbours at home. Where she encountered Mr Wright is not clear. There are two Joseph Wrights in Llangollen/Rhos area of the right age in the 1861 census, but one can say no more than that. By the 1861 census there is no indication as to why she was at 5 Wilson St, Birkenhead for the birth. I cannot tie her to any of the inhabitants of the house.

1861 She gets married in Rhos, some 25 miles away from Bala. As she and her new husband live in Llangollen soon after the marriage, the probability is that she was working in the area. I have a marriage cert for the marriage between Thomas Jenkins and Elizabeth Lloyd on 2 March 1861 at Wrexham Reg office. Presumably the illegitimate child led them to a Registry Office wedding. At this time in Wales there are very few registry office weddings in our family

Thomas Jenkins age 26, a painter & glazier of Issa St, Rhos, son of John Jenkins, carder. Marries Elizabeth Lloyd 23, of Rhos, daughter of Henry Lloyd, butcher, deceased. Thomas Jenkins' trade of painter is maintained through his life, in the censuses of 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901. This, coupled with the butchers trade for Elizabeth's father and grandfather leads me to conclude that this is the correct marriage.

Details of the births of her children after marriage can be found under her husband, Thomas Jenkins. She lived in Llangollen from marriage in 1861 till about 1889, when the family move to Ffestiniog.

19 Church St, Llangollen

1901 Elizabeth Jenkins died 30 November 1901 in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Merioneth

1902 Her husband Thomas Jenkins died 22 April 1902 in Blaenau Ffestiniog.

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