Chart AB - John's (b.1770) son William and his descendants

This family tree was pieced together from the parish records at Shinrone, plus information from Mrs Whitford of Aghancon and  Miss Louise Primrose, matron of the Ulster Hospital in the 1970's, with later additions from Jean Gillespie and Georgina Grant in 1996

William Grant (b.1808)

William, the fourth son of John Grant (b.1770) and Elizabeth, was born in Shinrone on 10th Jan 1808. He married Mary Piper (one of his brothers also married a Piper) in about 1835, probably in Lorrah (the church records for Lorrah are missing), and lived in Towra until about 1847 (the time of the famine again). He then moved to Lorrah, where he and his family lived with the Pipers. Griffiths Valuation show that William had a house in Lorrah in 1850. Of his children only the eldest, John, stayed in Ireland, where he was landsteward at Cloghan Castle, Banagher. His daughter MaryAnn, who married Anthony Gallagher and went to live in Borris Co. Carlow, stayed in Ireland. All the rest emigrated to London, Ontario, Canada, where they settled in the late 19th century.

William's children were:-

John (b.1836)

He married twice. By his first marriage to Margaret Stokes in 1859 (when his occupation is given as gardener). They had one son:

William, who later emigrated to Canada.

And by his second marriage to Ann Gilligan in 1864, they had seven children whilst living in the landsteward's cottage at Cloghan Castle.
They were:-
        James m.Ethel Balfour. Emigrated to Canada.
        John m.Susan Brown. Went to New York. 3 daughters and one son (Charles). John died 1939.
        Eliz Jane b.1868, d.1962., m.1 Wm Dodds, m.2 G.Stannier Went to British Colombia.
        Richard b.1878, d.1950, unmarried.
        Mary b.1879, d.1961, m.Hugh Bracken in 1911. They had 6 children, one of whom married Alf Whitford.

James (b 1839, m. 1867, d 1909)

Born at Towra, married Maria Baskerville at Lorrah 30/5/1867, died London, Ontario in Aug 1903.
He emmigrated to London, Ontario about 1875. A landscape gardener by profession, he became Park Ranger of Victoria Park in London. His wife died in 1923. His children were
        William Robert (b 15/5/1868, m 1901, d.1928) Born in Parsonstown, Ireland, he married Edith Vining, died June 1928 in London ,         Ontario
         Marion (b.1902, m 1930 to Gilmore d.1996)
         Eleanor (b 1904, m.1927, d 1975)
        Allan William (b1905, m 1931, d.1963)
                            Eleanor (b 1935)
                            William (b1935, m 1961)
                                                William Robert ( b.1964)
                                                 Heather (b 1965, m 1990)
                                                Jennifer (b 1968, m 1994)
                            Marion (b1941, m 1963)
                            Stephen (b1943, unmarried)
        Millard (b 1907, m.1933, d.1961)
                            Peter(b 1938, m 1964)
                                                Wendy (b 1966)
                                                Janet (b 1967)
                                                 Lynda (b 1972)
                            David (b 1939, m 1963)
                                    James (b 1968, )
                                                John (b1969, d.1982)
                                                Edward (b.1972)
                                                Lorraine (b.1973)
                    Donald (b 1940, unmarried)
      Hilda (b.1909, m.1938, d 1987)
        Anna K (b 1911, m.1935, d )
Emily Maria (b.10/7/1873)
She did not marry and died in 1959.
Alfred James ( b.14/1/1879)
A doctor. Married Jane Chapman Fraser. He died in 1930
Patricia A (b 1912, m 1940, d 1983)
        Isabella (b 1914, m 1937, )
        Nora (b 1917, m 1939, )

Rebecca (b.1843)

Married in 1870 to John McCracken. Emigrated to Canada.

Stephen (b 1847, m Julia Lucinda Christian in Lucan, Ontario 6 May 1869, d )

Emigrated to London, Ontario around 1869. He married Julia Christian in Canada and had ten children who survived to adulthood. 4 sons and 6 daughters. He got a job in London, Ontario first for one year with the police, then from 1870 for 12 years as superintendent of the Victoria Hospital. He then became Ontario's assessment commissioner in the early years of this century until he retired. He died there on 11 June 1923. There is a memorial stained glass window to Stephen and Julia in the St John the Evangelist Church in London

        William Albert (b.1870, d 1881 unmarried)

Died when he was 11 of blood poisoning from a pellet gun wound

        Florence (b.1872, m Wm Garton Allen )

A nurse, went to New York, became a superintendent of nurses, married and moved to Auburn

        Julia Christina (b.1874, m. J Lee Lawson)

Also became a nurse in New York, married a patient from New Mexico and moved there at the turn of the century

        Stephen Frederick ( b.1876, m 1900 Lilian ? , d 1925, no children)

Lived most of his life in New York as a singer

        Edmond (b 1877, m Cecil Johnson , divorced, 2 daughters Florence & Estelle)

Lived in Detroit

        Ethel Jane (b. 1879, m. Wm C Brown)

Went to Tillsonburg to teach, and married a teacher

        Kathleen Geraldine (b.1880m. 1 Wm C Falls, 2. Harry Struthers)

Lived in London, Ontario

        Bessie May (b. 1881, m. George White)

Lived in Vancouver. Her husband was in farm machinery business.

        James Hastings ( b. 1883, m Jessie Bell, d. 196? )

A manufacturers agent and buyer in the clothing trade

                        Stephen (b1912, m Eleanor Green, d 1991)

                        David (b1940, m Louise Tanguay 1964 )




                                    Stephen (b 1972)

                        Nancy (adopted, m.Robert McGregor)

        Lucy Adeline (b. 1885, m Alexander Greenlees)

Married a mining engineer from Northern Ontario, lived in Toronto, and later Hamilton

        John Reginald Aldworth (b.1887, m.Georgina Sutton 1912, d 1966)

Started working in banking with Molson's bank, then Bank of Montreal, and managed various branches of the bank until his retirement

                        John (b1916, m.1950 Claire Jardine , d1990)

                        A chartered accountant, who became a senior partner with Peat Marwick in Canada, in charge of the Montreal office.                           Retired to London, Ontario.

                                        Georgina ( b.1951, m.Murray McGillivray 1983)

                                        A Masters in Museology, now lives in Calgary

                                        John ( b. 1954, m. Victoria Milton 1986 )

                                        A chartered accountant, living in Toronto

                                                            David (b1987)

                                                            Jacqueline (b.1989)

                          Julia (b 1919, m. Frederick Morrow 1940 )

                          David ( b. 1922 , m. Betty Dickson 1948, )

                                        A child model for posters, became a real estate lawyer and a QC.

                                        Christine (b. 1950, m. Wm Barber )

                                        Julia (b.1953, m.Bruce Battler )

                                        Carolyn (b.1957 )

                                        John (b.1960)

                            Mary ( b. 1928, m.Harley Farr 1946 )

                                        Lives in Pennsylvania

William (b. )

Emigrated to Canada. Went to Indian Head NWT

MaryAnn (b.1850, d.1918)

Married to Anthony Gallagher and lived in Borris, Co. Carlow. She had 6 children, including Rebecca, who married a James Primrose, and their daughter Olivia Louise supplied material for this chart.
 She appears in both 1901 and 1911 Irish censuses as the wife of Anthony Gallagher (retired RIC man).
In the 1901 census Anthony and Mary Gallagher are living in Slyguff, Co. Carlow with their children Matthew, Francis (Frank), Annie and Elizabeth. Rebecca (20) is working as a servant in the household of Mr George F Brooke, in Diswelltown, Dublin.
In the 1911 census Anthony and Mary are living in Cookstown, Eniskerry, Wicklow with their daughters Annie and Elizabeth.  Matthew and Frank had by this time emigrated to Canada where they joined the NWMP (later RCMP) and BC Provincial Police respectively.  Rebecca was by this date married to James Primrose and living in Keady, Co. Armagh with her first child Olivia Louisa.  James is not on the census form he was away on duty as a RIC constable.
Mary Ann Grant died on 20th February 1918 at Cookstown near Enniskerry, Co Wicklow. This is where she and her husband Anthony are in the 1911 census. The record shows her as a Lodge Keeper's Wife, which fits as Anthony and Mary lived in a gate lodge to the Powerscourt estate beside the Dargle river where one of their duties was to collect entry fees from people wanting to use the walkway on the estate to the Dargle River Falls. Mary was "found drowned". Her husband, Anthony's, death on 27th November 1928 from senile decay and a cardio condition. His occupation is listed a "Lodge Keeper" and the informant of his death is his eldest daughter, Kate Mustard.

Elizabeth(b 1859)

Emigrated to Canada  Died unmarried aged 29 on 23rd November 1888 in London, Ontario


The name Grant did not continue in Ireland with this branch of the family.

It continued in Canada, and possibly in the USA. I have been able to trace all the descendants of William's (b.1808) two sons James and Stephen. I have not been able to trace any of the descendants of his other two sons John and William

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