Chart ACB - Stephen's (b.1811) son Charles(b.1840) and his descendants

Charles, the second son of Stephen and Mary Ann, and the last to be born in Towra. He was born on 21st April 1840.

In 1867 at Kilconnel he married Anne Anglesey in Ireland, and soon afterwards moved to Bywell in Co Northumberland to join his brothers. His trade when he married was recorded as a shepherd.

He and his wife (no children) are recorded in the 1871 UK census, his job is given as "coke filler", his place of birth as "Kings Co, Ireland" and his wife Ann was also born in Kings Co.

He died of smallpox on 3rd March 1874 in Bywell, and it is not thought that he had any children.

His widow returned to Ireland, where she remarried to Thomas Stewart of the RIC in 1879.

No living relatives have been found and it is assumed that the name Grant died out with Charles in this branch.

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