Stephen (b.1848) and his descendants son of Stephen b.1811

Stephen's forth son, Stephen, was born on 5th May 1848. He married Catherine Prettie in 1874, at Frankford Church, Co Offaly. His address then is given as Ballinasloe, Co Galway. Catherine's sister was married to his brother John.

They were living at Woodlawn in 1871, and he is mentioned in the select vestry minutes for that year. Like many of his brothers he moved to Bywell, and is noted as Sexton of Tow Law from 1881 to 1887.

They are in the 1881 census, with his job "coke burner" and one child Thomas, then aged 4. They are living at 10 Campbell St, Tow Law, Durham. The William Prittie is probably a brother of his wife (nee Catherine Prettie). This was about 1 mile from where his brother Richard was living at this time. His brother John is was also in Campbell St in 1891 census.

Stephen died there in 1887. His widow moved to Akron, Ohio where her sister's (and brother in law's) son, William, was living. She took with her the two children of her marriage to Stephen. Their names were Thomas and Mary. Thomas was born at Bywell (probably Jun 1877 GRANT Thomas Hexham 10b303) and Mary at Tow Law (probably Mar 1884 Lanchester 10a 351) And they both married in the USA.

Mary died in Akron in 1937, and had only one child, a daughter (Lilian Bertsch Thom, d.1994)

Thomas married Netty Chassagne, and he died aged about 50, in about 1920. There were no children by this marriage. So the name Grant died out in this branch of the family with his death.

Stephen's widow, Catherine, remarried in Akron to George Croysdale. George Croysdale died in 1910, and she died in 1925.

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