Charles Frederick Grant b1884

1884 Mar 23. Born Charles Frederick Grant (Apr/Jun 1884 in Dublin North vol 2, page 487)

1901 census with his father

1908 Oct/Dec married at Kilkeel, Co Down (vol 1, p 743) to Adelaide E V Goodwin

1911 census. He is living at 172 Eastcombe Avenue, Charlton, London S E a sergeant in RAMC His wife is Adelaide Victoria, and they have been married 2 years. Living in Charlton in 1911, he was probably posted to the Royal Herbert Hospital, Shooters Hill. The Herbert Hospital, with 650 beds, was built for the nearby Woolwich garrison in 1865 during the period when Lord Sidney Herbert was Secretary of State for War.  It was the first specially designed military hospital in the country and also the first (of many) to utilize the pavilion design, as advocated by Florence Nightingale, comprising six parallel ward blocks connected by a central corridor.  Almost half the 19 acre site was given over to parkland, ensuring a peaceful convalescence for recovering patients. The Hospital opened without ceremony when the first patients were transferred from the old hospital within the nearby Royal Artillery garrison.  In 1900 Queen Victoria visited and granted her Royal patronage - it hence after became known as the Royal Herbert Hospital.

1914/18 War He does not appear to have served overseas.. His MIC shows on British War Medal - The medal was approved for issue to officers and men of British and Imperial forces who had rendered service between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918. The Victory Medal, which his card does not show him receiving, "To qualify for the Victory medal one had to be mobilised in any service and have entered a theatre of war between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918. The implication is that he served the entire war in a non-war zone, like India

I cannot find out anything about him until his death in 1945 in Rugby

1945 Dec 12. Died in Rugby aged 61. The second eldest son of late William & Elizabeth Grant of Dublin. It mentions a wife, but only one brother or children. Also the implication is that some of his family are in America with "American papers please copy"

28 Grosvenor Rd, Rugby today

1957 Jan/Mar His widows death is probably (by elimination) in Bath, Somerset, age 69 vol 7c. p 43.

William Grant b1850, his father