Stephen's (b.1811) other children Robert and Elizabeth

Robert (b.1861)
Stayed at Woodlawn as gatekeeper after his fathers death in 1886. He did not marry. He died at Woodlawn 21st July 1935.
This cutting comes from the family bible of Robert's brother William. William was already dead, and the note was by his son Stephen William Grant who had obviously been to Robert's funeral
Elizabeth (b.1858)
Unmarried. She left Woodlawn after her brother died in 1935. She lived with my great grandfather Thomas (her brother) at Rathgar Road, Dublin for a while. He died in 1940, and she seems to have lived briefly with an unknown relation in Clonmel, before moving into the Protestant Home for Incurables(now called St Lukes Home) in Cork on 11 Feb 1944 from Mary Street, Clonmel. She died on 28 January 1945 in the Protestant Home in Cork
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