Chart C - Stephen (b @ 1775) son of Stephen (b @1740) and his descendants

Stephen was the first of the Grants to settle in Shinrone. One would assume that he started his family before he came to Shinrone. Four of his children were born in Shinrone before his death in 1808.

When he died in 1808 Stephen's address was given as The Footbridges, Shinrone. His widow Mary must have moved to Dunkerrin, their son Thomas was living at Dunkerrin. The Footbridges are apparently by the back gate of Milbroke House

John(b.1797) had only one child recorded, in 1824 while he was in the RIC in Templemore. He died in 1825 and would have had no further children.

Thomas (b.1799) was also in the RIC He is given as a sub-constable in the RIC in Glasshouse, Shinrone in 1824, and at Dunkerrin in 1829/30. His son Stephen (b.1827) joined the RIC in 1847, retiring with a pension in 1872. He was recommended for the police by Rev Honan, and his police number was 9416. He was a servant before joining the police. He served in Kings Co and in Kildare.

I have not traced this family any further, and it is not known what happened to them. Neither John (b1797) nor Thomas (b1799) appear in RIC records.

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