Chart D - William and his descendants (son of Stephen b.@1740)

William first appears in Shinrone in 1810, and is last noted in 1821. He is at first given as a farmer of Towra, later as a landsteward of Cangort Wood. I think that he may well have moved to Modreeny, and may well have had other children both before and after Shinrone. He is not buried at Shinrone.

The IGI shows William Grant marries Mary Armstrong in Kings County in 1792. The logical conclusion is that he married twice

I think that there is a connection with the Templemore branch through Templeharry (Templeharry is about 6 miles south of Shinrone, and 8 miles northeat of Templemore). Note too the use of the name "Nicholas".

Again there are no living descendants of William in the area. It is known that they emigrated to Canada in 1892, as with four sons the name is unlikely to have died out.

1824 Thomas paid tithe on 4 acres to Lord Dunally for the land in Newton, Modreeny

Griffiths 1850 shows

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