Cangort House, near Shinrone


Cangort, originally Camgart, i.e., the marshy field, has been the seat of the Atkinsons since the time of James I. Cangort Castle, was destroyed by Cromwellian forces in the seventeenth century. The present appearance of the house dates to a nineteenth-century remodeling of an earlier eighteenth-century house, an elevation of which survives to the rear of the present structure and retains distinctly eighteenth-century round-headed windows. Cangort House was the seat of the Atkinson family from 1600 to 1957. Is an important building with a sightly ungainly exterior almost identical to Bellair. Internally it is very finely planned and has a well finished interior. The farm buildings include a range of stables and a huge barn.

Anthony Atkinson, of Cangort, married, 1709, Mary, daughter of Admiral John Guy, who is said to have been instrumental in breaking the boom at the siege of Derry; he was M.P. for St. Johnstown, 1711-13, and for Belfast, 1713-14, and died in 1743, leaving numerous issue. His eldest son having died in his lifetime, he was succeeded by Guy, the second, but he , being a beneficed clergyman in the North of Ireland,Cangort was long occupied by Charles, a younger son, who acted as agent for his brother. This Charles was ancestor of the branch now settled at Ashley Park, Co. Tipperary, while the present owner of Cangort if descended from the Rev. Guy. One of their sisters married Francis Sanderson, ancestor of the late Colonel Edward James Sanderson, of Castle Saunderson, M.P. Source: F.R. Montgomery Hitchcock The Midland Septs and the Pale (1908)

Lewis 1837 records "Cangort, the residence of G. Atkinson, Esq., a handsome mansion erected on the site of the ancient castle;"

Atkinson, Guy Newcomen, of Cangort, eldest son of Guy, of Cangort, (born 1800, died 1859), by Anne Margaret, daughter of William Trench, Cangort Park, born 1847; married 1877, Frances E., daughter of The Hon. Lawrence Harman King-Harman, Rockingham, Roscommon. Has with other children, Guy Montague, born 1882. Was educated at the Royal Military College. Is J.P, for County and Lieut.-Colonel Shropshire Regt.

Lt.-Col. Guy Newcomen Atkinson lived in Cangort. Lt.-Col. Guy Newcomen Atkinson married Frances Elizabeth King-Harman, daughter of Hon. Laurence Harman King-Harman and Mary Cecilia Johnstone, on 19 July 1877. He died on 10 February 1890.

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