Thomas Roger b1780

Adam Proctor 1797 Elizabeth Roger 1807 Janet Blair 1772

We really have no idea where the family came from. Working back from his childrens' births between 1764 and 1780, their father David Roger was probably born around 1735 to 1745. A trawl of Scotland's People shows 22 David Rogers recorded born between 1720 and 1760, 13 are from Fife, 3 from Angus, and 1 each from Aberdeen, Renfrew, Dumfries, Perth, Kincardine, Ayr). So it would appear that the Rodger family arrived in the area at this time. There is a photo circa 1880 of the Proctor brothers taken by a Thomas Rodgers, who came from St Andrews in Fife. There is a possibility that this is a clue to their origins, though I have no idea whether or not he was related.

We do know that "our" David married Elizabeth Drysdale. The information on his wife's name comes from the birth record of their children. There is no record however of this marriage on Scotland's People, nor do LDS have any appropriate marriages. His occupation is given as "Servitor to Lady Lockhart"

There is a record of the births of their children all at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh

1764 Alexander Roger baptised 29 May 1764 at Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh

1766 James Roger baptised 5 Jul 1766 at Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh

1768 Jean Roger (died young) baptised on 25 Apr 1768 at Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh

1770 David Roger baptised 2 Aug 1770 at Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh,

1772 Mary Roger baptised on 1 Apr 1772 at Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh

1774 John Roger baptised 25 Apr 1774 Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh

1776 Katherine Roger baptsed 22 May 1776 at Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh

1777 Elizabeth Roger baptised 14 Nov 1777 to David Roger and Elizabeth Drysdale at St Cuthbert's Edinburgh

1780. Thomas Roger was born: 3 August 1780 son of David Roger (a merchant in Toll Croft) & Elizabeth Drysdale. Thomas Roger later became a printer in Fountainbridge. Christening: 08 August 1780 Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian in IGI

Tollcross is a crossroads in Edinburgh, Scotland, which derives its name from the junction formed by Earl Grey Street (effectively an extension of Lothian Road) to the north, Lauriston Place to the east, Brougham Street to the south-east (leading to Melville Drive which cuts across The Meadows), Home Street to the south (which leads to Bruntsfield), and West Tollcross to the west. The southern edge of the area merges with Bruntsfield while to the north and west Tollcross meets Fountainbridge.

"Tollcross" which I think this is, like neighbouring Fountainbridge, was important to the city's industry in the 19th century, and the Union Canal, which started from the area, opened up new transport possibilities. The current Lochrin Buildings continue the Lochrin name previously used for the Lochrin Distillery which was replaced in 1859 by the Lochrin Iron Works. There were also a saw mill, paraffin works, and slaughterhouse in West Tollcross, with a brewery on the site of the current theatre. In 1899 the tram depot and power station for the southern part of Edinburgh's large cable tramway system (later electric) opened here. The toll part of Tollcross refers to its past as a place where payments were collected from travellers entering the city on a centuries-old route.

Thomas Rodger is still living in St Cuthberts, Edinburgh when he marries Janet Blair

1802 Marriage of Thomas Roger & Janet Blair in Apr 1802 at St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh (IGI)

1805 Mary Roger born

1807 Elizabeth Roger born 11 June 1807 in 39 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

1809 David Roger christened 1 Nov 1809 Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh (IGI)

1813 Violet Smith Roger born

1830 Thomas Roger Died: 23 July 1830 Edinburgh , Gravestone, St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh

St Cuthbert's Parish Church

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