Elizabeth Ann Evans, b 1892

Elizabeth Ann Evans in 1949

Elizabeth Ann Evans, known as Cissie, is shown on her birth certificate as being born 5th March 1892, the daughter of Henry Evans (a tailor and master grocer) and Jane Ellen Evans (formerly Thomas) b1865. The certificate shows 8.30 pm at Ebenezer Village, Llanddeiniolen The time is noted because of the fact that she had a twin brother Henry Herbert. If more than one child was born (as in the case of twins or triplets), the Registrar requires a time of birth for each baby.

The first census she could appear in would therefore be the 1901 census. Here, her (and her twin's ) age is given as 9.

Her father is still a tailor and is by now widowed, Cissie Evan's mother Jane having died in 1899 of Phthisis (Phthisis is an archaic name for tuberculosis) while living at High Street, Ebenezer, Llanddeiniolen. Deiniolen grew up around Ebenezer Chapel of about 1824 (hence the old name ‘Ebenezer’ for the village).

The death of her mother left her widowed father to bring up a young family then aged 9, twins aged 7, 5 and 2, plus a newly born baby. The youngest child "Nell" was apparently given away for adoption as it was only weeks old when their mother died. I have been unable to sort out exactly what happened to Nell, but the family does appear to have kept in contact with her.. I would assume that Cissie, as the eldest daughter, had a lot of responsibility for bring up the family and running the household. The name she had of "Cissie" is presumably a diminutive of "sister". It was so ingrained in her that she had no idea as to what her real Christian name was. She uses "Cissy Ann" on her marriage certificate, and it was only when they came to re-register her daughter Jane's birth in 1935 that things were a bit stricter and she had to get and use her own original birth certificate, to find and use "Elizabeth Ann" on that. There is a family story of her going to the Registrar to find her real name.

The family lived for a time at 3 Bakehouse Street, Rhiwlas. This property was empty at time of 1901 census. She also lived at High Street in Rhiwlas. 1901 census shows her living with her widowed father at Pen-y-Ffridd on the outskirts of Rhiwlas. I thought that this might have been where Henry Evan's mother-in-law, Elizabeth Hughes, had been living, but researching the census enumerators route for both places leads me to conclude that they are different places as shown on the map below.

She grew up and attended the village school in Rhiwlas. The date of their move to Bangor is not known

Cissie must have moved to 221 Carnarvon Road, Glanadda, Bangor with her father and the rest of the Evans family from Rhiwlas after the 1901 census. The Evans family were certainly not living in 221 Carnarvon Road at the time of the 1901 census. The property was then occupied by a butcher called Owen Williams and his family. One can see from the photo that it was a very small house for the large Pugh family that came to occupy it.

221 Carnarvon Road, Bangor

On leaving school Emrys Pugh believes that his mother, Cissie Evans, worked as a kitchen maid to the vicar of Pentir (about 1 mile from Rhiwlas), then she was employed at a vicarage at Llandudno and later by a Rev Roberts (Cissie's sister Jane married a Simeon Roberts, but we have no idea if he was a relation of the Rev Roberts) at the vicarage at Tal-y-Llyn. which is the next village to where Evan Pugh ( whom she later married) lived with his family. It is only a two and a half mile walk from Tal-y-Llyn to Abergynolwyn. I presume that is how the two of them met. At some point Chris Sutton understands that Evan Pugh refused to let Cissie go to work for Mr Roberts. I am not sure if that was after they married, or when she fell pregnant and he didn't want her going back there and shaming him in a neighbourhood near where his parents still lived.

Tal-y-Llyn Rectory
Tal-y-Llyn Church

She appears to have returned from Tal-y-Llyn to Bangor pregnant by (presumably), but unmarried to, Evan Pugh. Their child, "Jane Pugh Evans" was born 26th June 1915. Whether Evan Pugh knew of the child or not is difficult to say. Certainly that the original birth certificate implies that the father was a Pugh, with a blank under "name of father", but the use of Pugh as a Christian name. Certainly Cissie Evans knew that the father was a Pugh from the birth certificate entry. What contact Cissie Evans had with Evan Pugh or any of the Pugh family between conception around October 1914 and their eventual marriage in the summer of 1919, is not known. Nor do we know why after nearly 5 years they eventually did get married. The fact the Evan Pugh was working in the mines of South Wales cannot be the reason. there has to be something else.

She was married 8th August 1919 at the Parish Church of Glanadda St David and Penrhosgarnedd in Bangor, on her marriage certificate. The certificate records Cissie Ann Evans: age 24: spinster: 221 Carnarvon Road, Glanadda, Bangor: daughter of Henry Evans, tubes (??) mechanic (it is unclear what a "tube mechanic" was).

Interestingly the marriage is by "licence" and not by the more common "banns" for a church wedding. Further her age is stated as 24 on her marriage certificate in 1919, that means born circa 1895 (the same age as her husband). while her birth certificate clearly shows 1892.

I think they probably took the licence route to avoid scandal. They were very much Church going people, particularly his mother Margaret. If his mother was big in the church and Sunday school a scandal with his marriage would hardly have gone down well. A licene would mean that banns would not have to be read in the bride's and groom's home churches.

After her marriage, Evan and Cissie continued to live at 221 Carnarvon Road, Glanadda Bangor, and birth certificates show that children Margaret, Rhianon and Emrys were born there. Her father, Henry Evans, lived on in 221 Carnarvon Rd, Bangor until his death in 1933 age 72.

After her marriage, her life paralleled that of her husband and can be found under Evan Pugh

1962. Her husband Evan Pugh died

1969. She died at 45 Kennedy Road, Trentham Stoke-on-Trent on 23rd December 1969.

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