Anne Griffith b1812

Anne Griffith was probably born in Llangybi, but it is difficult to be sure as she seemed to claim to be born wherever she was living at the time of the census. The 1871 census makes more of an effort to get her place of birth, and that is given as Llangybi. She was born between 1811 and 1813, and again there is a wander between censuses. There is no suitable birth on IGI. Llangybi is 5 miles north of Pwllheli. It is a small village with slate quarries. She marries Griffith Hughes, a copper miner, in Llandwrog in 1831. In the 1841 census they are living at Cilgwyn, Llandwrog, and she has 6 children by him, before he dies about 1844. Anne then appears to have mothered two more children after his death, John William Williams (born Llandwrog 1845) and Henry John Roberts age 3 (born Llanystymdwy, 3 miles from Llangybi in 1847). Eventually she teams up with the long term lodger, Owen Humphrey, and had another child by him (Margaret born 1853). She moves with Owen Humphrey to Victoria St, Llanbeblig by the 1871 census, to Llanllyfni by 1881 and back to Llanbeblig by 1891, before her death in 1894

I have a particular interest in her, as her mt DNA follows my mother's, mother's ...line and is what I have had tested

1831 There is an IGI record of Griffith Hughes marrying Anne Griffith on 27 Aug 1831 at Saint Twrog, Llandwrog, Caernarvon, which is consistent with the family here.

1833 son Griffith baptised 21 Jul 1833 at Llanllyfni, Caernarvon (in IGI)

1835 Mary baptised 21 Jul 1835 Nazareth Independent, Clynnog (in IGI). Clynnog is 2 miles SW of Llanllyfni.

1841 census Living at Cilgwyn, Llandwrog (Cilgwyn is 3 miles east of Llandwrog town. (ages on 1841 census were rounded down for adults over 15 to nearest 5 years, so she could have been 25 to 29 at this time).

Living in the house are Anne Hughes (age 25) her husband Griffith Hughes age 40 and a Copper Miner, plus their children Elizabeth age 9, Mary age 5, Griffith age 7, Robert age 2. Note the lodger Owen Humphrey

1851 census Griffith Hughes has died. She is a pauper and a copper miner's widow living at Cilgwyn, Llandwrog. All the children born at Llandwrog, except Henry John Roberts (who appears to have been born in Llanystymdwy, a parish 2 miles N.W. of Criccieth.) The two children "John William Williams, age 5" and "Henry John Roberts age 3" are both noted as "son" seems a bit odd. They could possibly be children of siblings or could be failed relationships, or belong to her daughter Elizabeth (unlikely as Elizabeth herself is only 19). Owen Humphrey is still "quarryman labourer".

Meanwhile Elizabeth who by now would be 19, is probably this servant at Llanfaglan just outside the town of Carnarvon. Elizabeth is living in a household where the wife was a Roberts before she re-married, I have no idea if this is significant or not.

1861 census- Anne has re-married to Owen Humphrey, the above lodger. One should add that there is no record of an actual marriage, so they may have just taken to living together, but she gives her status as Anne Humphrey, wife (Owen Humphrey was living in the house in 1841 as well as 1851). A marriage date of about 1852/53 would have been expected given that the assumed joint daughter, Margaret, was born about 1854 (Griffith Hughes was already dead by the 1851 census so this child cannot be his). I have search from 1851 to 1871 for a marriage, without success. There is no Margaret Humphrey born at the right time (but there are 8 Margaret Hughes born then). Note also that Henry John Roberts has become Henry Humphrey, and the other children have become Humphreys too.

Her daughter Elizabeth is a servant age 27 at Llanbeblig (Carnarvon town)..

1871 census. Anne is living at Victoria St, Llanbeblig with now just two children Robert and Margaret, plus a "nephew" John J Owen age 6, born in Llanddeiniolen. The age of John Owen if he really were a nephew implies that his mother was born after 1820 which could make her a sister of Anne Griffith.

1881 census living at Llanllyfni. Her age is incorrect (10 years out) but is certainly her, with Owen Humphrey and daughter Margaret the dressmaker.

Deaths Dec 1889 gives Owen Humphreys age 75 ref Carnarvon 11b 291 which should be her "husband"

1891 census at Llanbeblig could be her, and she has certainly disappeared by 1901 census

1894 Deaths Jul 1894 Anne Humphreys age 82 ref Carnarvon 11b 267 could be her, it is almost certainly the woman in the 1891 census.There are no burials of an Ann Humphrey between 1881 and 1901 that might fit, other than this one. Death reported by J Henry Thomas, a nephew. She is described as "a lady of independant means"

It could well be her Anne Humphreys died 4 July 1894 at Market Street, carnnarvon. She is 82 years old (correct age) and is described as "of independant means". The death was reported by "J Henry Thomas, nephew, of Tanybryn, Carnarvon". But it is a mystery as to how she might have become "of independent means". The person reporting the death must be the son of one of Ann Humphreys daughters, but I can find neither Tanybryn nor a suitable J Henry Thomas in the 1891 0r 1901 censuses.

Or if she was buried as Ann Hughes, there are several options.

Deaths Jun 1890 Hughes Ann 79 Carnarvon 11b 321
Deaths Mar 1891 Hughes Ann 81 Carnarvon 11b 337
Deaths Sep 1895 Hughes Ann 86 Carnarvon 11b 284
Deaths Dec 1898 Hughes Ann 86 Carnarvon 11b 293
Deaths Mar 1899 Hughes Ann 90 Carnarvon 11b 339

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