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Judy McCarron North Grant, Antigonish County, NS Our family comes from Walter Grant of Riverquarter, Mooncoin, Kilkenny and Mary Dunphy of Corluddy, Kilkenny. Born about 1750's.

You have them on your site with the birth of their first son Edmond Grant. This Edmond must have died young because they had another son, Edmond (called Edward Grant here). My husband's family comes from this Edward Grant.

Three brothers left Kilkenny. John and Edward came first to Newfoundland. Their youngest brother, James, was recruited for the priesthood and emigrated to Quebec where he studied. He was then sent to Nova Scotia, Canada, as a priest. After Rev James Grant settled in Antigonish, Nova Scotia he took out a land grant of 400 acres and sent for his 2 brothers, John and Edward in Newfoundland, and they were given the land grant. They had numerous descendants. We still live on the original land grant. My son was to Riverquarter to the home that the 3 brothers left and says he sees some similarity in the lay of the land. He met Tom Forkin who is also a descendant of Walter Grant and Mary Dunphy through the son Richard who stayed on the farm.

There is a book called A History of the County of Antigonish by Rev D J Rankin ( I think printed in 1929) that you can read online. There is a good section about this Grant family there and also information on Rev James Grant, Vicar General. I don't know the url but I am certain that you can Google it. The book is searchable by surname, etc. emailed her again in July 2009


Patricia Perry USA . I have received your e-mail and have started working on some contacts for you. If they wanted to call or write, would you be willing to share a phone number or address? Do I have permission to pass your e-mail address along to interested male relatives?
Best of luck with this project. I hope you will share the information! I am very, very curious. Emailed her again in July 2009 - replied Aug, but has not been able to get a male Grant for Walter Grant who married Mary Dunphy on February 12, 1778 in Mooncoin, Ireland.

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