DNA samples needed for Grant DNA study

In order to get further on the Grant family in Ireland, we need to get some identifyable dna samples from each of the main branches of the family. The simplified family tree, showing where samples need to come from is:-

1. Grants of Curlody 5. Jasper Grant - Kilmurray 9. Christopher Grant b1803

13.William Grant b1808

17 William Grant b1770
2. Grants of Ballinabouly 6.Grants of Moyne 10. Jeremiah Grant b1864 14. Stephen Grant b1811  
3. Grants of Polroan 7. Templemore to Australia 11. Henry & William b1850 15. Thomas Grant b1817  
4. Grants of Waterford 8. Templemore to Canada 12. John Grant b1805 16. James Grant b1816  

This is my first attempt at outlining what needs to be done to do a DNA "map" of the Grants that landed in Ireland with the Norman invasion in 1169, and, one assumes, descended from one man - David the son of the Bishop of St Davids. The yellow signifies a kit has been sent to one of the descendants.

There appear to have been 3 main branches of the family from the Middle Ages through to Cromwell, with seats at Curloddy, Polroan and Ballynabouly, and some drifting into Waterford City.

With the Cromellian confiscations, which are well documented, many of the family stayed on in the Waterford area. The enigmatic figure of Jasper emerges to make his fourtune as a privateer, and a branch of the family drifted into Tipperary

The Tipperary branch has split many ways in the last 350 years, say 12 generations. I understand the structure of this splitting, and have based my DNA requirements on the plan above, which reflects what I know about how the family has moved through both internal and external migration.

Other Grnt branches in Southern Ireland, which I cannot hook onto my tree

Results of Grant DNA tests

Grant paternal DNA