Templemore Grants in Australia

There are two groups of Grants from Templemore, without a connection on paper. One group went to Australia. Vicki Strickland has supplied the information on them.

John GRANT and his wife Ellen TIERNEY were living in Melbourne before Nov 1852 (I still haven't found what ship they came on so don't have a definite arrival date). John's brother, Peter Charles (or Peter Thomas) Grant came later, arriving in November 1852 with John and Ellen's three young children - Annie 6yrs, Alice 5yrs and Thomas 3yrs. John became a reasonably wealthy publican, owning a substantial hotel in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood. He died 30 Aug 1891, aged 90. John's death certificate states his parents were Joseph Grant, farmer, and Alice Fogarty.

Unfortunately Thomas Grant b1849 had no sons, only daughters. Thomas had a much younger brother (born 1878 to John Grant's second (and very young!) wife). He was John Martin Grant. John Martin Grant had four sons, all born early 1900s. As yet I have not been able to trace living descendants of any of these sons



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