Margaret Mary Grant b 1918 - 9/6/2003

Margaret Mary Grant married a Canadian soldier May 29  1945 in a Catholic church in Conventry  England. She was a war bride and lived her life in Toronto, Ontario. She had four girls then 2 boys. Her children are all still living (as of 2012) in various cities across Canada. Peggy passed away June 9 2003.

Maizie married an American soldier after WWII. She moved to the U.S. -  Dodgeville, Wisconsin to a farm. She had a boy and a girl, her boy served in Vietnam.

These are the only 2 of this Grant family that moved to North America. Peggy's brother Stephen died fairly young - believed to be the result of an injury received in a Irish championship football game before WWII.

Their parents passed away in the '60's in Ireland.

Other things of interest - this was a very musical family. According to Peggy, they could all sing very well. They had several musical instruments in the house. People used to walk by the house to hear the girls sing and enjoy their voices. Peggy was 'tone' deaf. She couldn't carry a note. So they didn't allow her to sing. But she loved to dance and she loved music."

Grants of Templemore