Elizabeth Watson b1859

Elizabeth Watson ws born 1859 in Harristown, Kildare while her parents were living there. She married John Lutterell, a farmer from Clonsast, on 2 Nov 1882 in St Marks Church, Dublin. But was living in Spa Street, Portarlington in the 1901 census.

Pheobe Luttrell was a shop assistant in Portarlington. Who married in Lea Parish Church 3 Nov 1925 to another Luttrell (Fredrick), and died in Portarlington 2 June 1963. My grandfather's sister Ethel Grant lived with Phoebe for many years.

CW Grant wrote "My sister Ethel lived with my father and May in Rathgar Road, but when May died the question arose as to how to best care for her. She was in delicate health and required care. The question of her welfare arose. Elsie wanted to bring her to Holywood, but my cousin Phoebe Luttrell offered to look after Ethel and take her to Portarlington. Phoebe, from the time Ethel was a baby, was always fond of Ethel and often had Ethel to stay with her. So arrangements were made for Ethel to go to Phoebe.  So from 1936 she has done so. The kindness of Phoebe is such we can never forget. Ethel is very happy with Phoebe. Phoebe is getting on in years, as far as I can judge she is 75 yeas of age. It is a sacred trust to me to look after Ethel, and in this I am indebted more than I can express to Phoebe. As long as I am spared, my object will be to ensure that Phoebe also is looked after. And it is my earnest desire as long as she lives that she will be provided for, and that those of my family who survive me will see to it. There will be sufficient in my estate to ensure this being done." Ethel lived with her cousin Phoebe Luttrell at Spa Lane, Portarlington from 1936 until she died in 1963

William Watson, her father