Margaret Graham 1805

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Born about 1800 from census data. Her parents were William Graham and Catherine Kinross (from her own death certificate). Scotland's People shows on 20/09/1774 a William Graham son of John Graham and Elizabeth McEuan at Stirling as the most likely candidate for his birth. William Graham has a marriage to Kathrine Kinross on 19 Oct 1794 at Dunblane Parish. "Waterside of Kinbuck" (Waterside is still a farm there today) is given as Katherine Kinross's adress.

The only other birth recorded to William Graham and Catherine Kinross is on 09/02/1808 of Thomas Graham at St Ninians Stirling.

There is a christening of Margaret Graham on 29 September 1799 Saint Ninians, Stirling to William Graham and Catherine Kinross. However there was a further birth on 01/01/1805 of a Margaret Graham to the same couple at St Ninians, Stirling. Starting with her marriage, she keeps her date of birth at around 1800 for the rest of her life. In other words she may have been 17 when she married

1822 Marriage in Stirling on 21/04/1822 between James Ker and Margaret Grahame (marriage entry). James Ker of this parish (Stirling) to Margaret Graham of St Ninians Parish. 21 April 1822

1826 Catherine Kinross Kerr born to James Kerr, solicitor and Margaret Graham according to the detail about her parents from her death certificate. Her birthplace is listed as Stirling in later censuses. I have not been able to find her actual birth record on ScotlandsPeople. However IGI list her birth twice, both to the correct parents in Stirling but on different dates. One born 28 Dec 1825 and baptised 29 Jan 1826 (this should be the correct one) and another on 28 Jan 1828 and baptised 10 Feb 1828 (this is probably a mistranscription for her sister Isabella)

From then the birth of her children and her homes are covered in detail in the section on her husband James Kerr

1841 and 1851 living at 5 Broad St, Stirling. And in 1861 at 20 Melvile Place, Stirling. In 1871 at 2 South Field, Stirling

1871 her husband James Kerr dies at Stirling

1877 Margaret Kerr (nee Graham) dies 12 Oct 1877 aged 78. The death certificate shows her as daughter of William Graham (farmer, deceased) and Catherine Graham (deceased, nee Kinross). She is widow of James Kerr, writer, and is living at 12 Sheridan Place. Death reported by her brother William Graham of 25 King Street, Stirling.

James Kerr b.circa 1775