James Kerr b. 1795

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James Kerr was born in 1795 at Green Loaning, 6 miles north east of Dunblane, the son of John Kerr and Isabella Lennox. He married Margaret Graham in 1822 at Stirling. They had 10 or more children. James had a number of professions including Procurator, Justice of the Peace, Clerk of Stirlingshire, in Sheriff Court of Stirlingshire in 1851 census. Lawyer in 1861 census. JP, Clerk and writer in 1871.

There are 3 candidates for his father, assuming that his father was born at Dunblane. Given that James Kerr, his son was born in 1795, the most likely is John Kerr son of Andrew, born in 1766.

1795 born Dunblane, Perthshire. James Kerr, son of John Kerr at the Green Loaning, Dunblane born 14th Dec 1795 and baptised 20 Dec 1795 (birth record) . "Green Loaning" is 6 miles NE of Dunblane.

Only one John Kerr married in Perth over the period 1775 to 1795, and this is 08/08/1789 John Kerr to Christian Scott at Meigle, Perth (and none in Kinross). However we know from James Kerr's death cert that he was the son of John Kerr & Isabella Lennox, the record for marriages in Dunblane appears to be missing for this period. And there are records of only two Kerr births in Dunblane, 14/10/1798 Isabel Kerr daughter of John Kerr at Dunblane, as well as James Kerr 1795. While IGI gives two other children, Walter born 1788 and Jean born 1792.

1822 Marriage at St Ninians, Stirling on 21/04/1822 between James Kerr and Margaret Graham (marriage entry). James Kerr of this parish (Stirling) to Margaret Graham of St Ninians Parish. 21 April 1822. His wife was only 17 when they married, though she claimed throughout her life to be 5 years older.

1824 William Graham Kerr baptised 14 April at Stirling (IGI)

1825 Catherine Kinross Kerr born 24 Dec 1825 Christening: 29 Jan 1826 (IGI)

1830 Margaret daughter born 11/07/1830 at Stirling (James Kerr and Margaret Graham ), is the only birth record on Scotland's People to James Kerr and Margaret Graham. There is no mention of any of their other children.

1832 Jane Kerr born 1832, was living (unmarried) in 1911 census in Dublin with her niece Bathia Steedman (wife of Rev William Proctor)

1841 census The family of James Kerr and his wife Margaret is listed, but there is no sign of Catherine Kinross Kerr. They are living at Broad St, Stirling. And the only reference to Catherine Kerr of the right age is here . Catherine Kerr age 17 is listed at Callander Road, Falkirk. The enumerator seems just to have listed all the inhabitants of Callander Rd. Catherine appears to be the only Kerr. It is presumably some sort of institution

James Kerr age 45, Margaret Kerr his wife age 40, and children: William Kerr, 15, Isabella Kerr 13, Jane Kerr 9, Agnes Kerr 7, Mary Kerr 4, Janet Kerr 2, Plus Margaret Kinross, age 30 a servant

1851 census gives James Kerr, 55 born Dunblane, Perthshire. Procurator, Justice of the Peace, Clerk of Stirlingshire, in Sheriff Court of Stirlingshire. Living at 5 Broad Street, Stirling. With his wife Margaret Kerr, 51, born Stirling. And family: Isabella Kerr, 23 daughter, born Stirling: Jane Kerr, 18 daughter, born Stirling: Mary Kerr, 14 daughter, born Stirling.

1861 census gives James Kerr, age 64, Lawyer in Stirling is head of household at 20 Melvile Place, Stirling, and with him are his wife Margaret Kerr, 58, and their family: - Isabella Kerr 28, Jane Kerr 25, Mary Kerr 22, Jessie Kerr 20, Margaret G Kerr 11, Eliza G Kerr 9. Although "Margaret G Kerr" and "Eliza G Kerr" are listed as daughters of James Kerr, their birthplace is Singapore, and Margaret Kerr would have been 50 when they were born, and further they are not listed as his children anywhere else. They have to be grandchildren, and cross checking reveals they are not the children of their daughter Catherine Kinross Kerr and her husband Rev John Steedman. Catherine Kinross Steedman (nee Kerr) is listed in 1861 census with her daughter Margaret.

The girls with James Kerr at this date may be children of William Kerr, their eldest son. I am unclear as to whether he was, like many of his family, a UP minister. He certainly spent much time abroad, but I feel that he may have been a merchant, rather than a minister. Nowhere is he referred to as a minister, and his fathers will does not use "Rev" for him,. His wife in 1871 census is given as " Income Derived From Foreign Securities".

1871 census Living at 2 South Field, Stirling are the family of James Kerr, age 75, JP, Clerk and writer. Born Greenwuning, Perthshire With him are Margaret Kerr, wife, 71, Isabella Kerr, 42, daughter, Jane Kerr, 38, daughter, Mary 34, daughter, Jessie, 32, daughter, Frances Kerr, grand daughter 8, born Batavia in Java, East Indies (I assume this is daughter of William Kerr, a Minister in UP Church)

1871 James Kerr died 1 June 1871 probate proceedings of Kerr James 18/11/1872 writer in Stirling, spouse of Margaret Graham or Kerr Inventory; Trust Disposition and Settlement Stirling Sheriff Court. A will of £661 was executed by Rev John Steedman of United Presbyterian Church in Stirling, and William Graham, agent for the Royal bank of Scotland. Interestingly James Walter Kerr, his son, declines to accept the office of executor. It divides the money in the estate after full allowance is made for his wife Margaret, equally between William Graham Kerr, Mrs Catherine Kinross Kerr otherwise Steedman, Isabella Lennox Kerr, Jane Kerr, Mary Kerr, Jessie Kerr, James Walter Kerr, my children.

Death certificate records death of James Kerr, writer and P. Clerk married to Margaret Graham. On 1st June 1871, at Southfield, Stirling. Son of John Kerr (agricultural farmer) and Isabella Kerr (nee Lennox, deceased). Death reported by William Steedman, grandson of Kinross.

1877 Margaret Kerr (his widow) dies 12 Oct 1877 age 78. Her death is reported by her brother William Graham. She is recorded as widow of James Kerr, writer.

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