William Graham Kerr, b1824

William Graham Kerr on IGI, born 14 April 1824 Stirling, Scotland. He did not appear to spend much time at home. After being picked up in his parents house in Stirling in 1841 census, age 15. He disappears, apart from a mention in his fathers will in 1871.

However I am reasonably confident that his family was

William Kerr lived in Bangkok with his Scottish wife (name unknown to us). They had 4 daughters, Kate, Agnes, Ann and Frances who were sent back to Bridge of Allan to live with their aunt Mary Kerr after their mother died. These must be some of the children named as James's children but were really his grand children. 

From the birth places of his children, William and his family clearly travelled widely in SE Asia and Australia, presumably trading in something. There has never been mention of him being a Minister. He spent some time in Singapore where at one point he owned land which is now the docks. This land was lost due to an unsuccesful speculation in sugar cane growing. He also helped establish the Botanical Gardens on land he co-owned.

He returned to Bangkok in 1857. At some point he married(?) a Siamese (Thai) woman with whom he had 3 children, James, William ( b.1877) and Margaret.

1861 census - they are missing

However "Margaret G Kerr, age 11" and "Eliza G Kerr, age 9" are listed as daughters of James Kerr , their birthplace is Singapore. These two have to be grandchildren of James and Margaret Kerr, as Margaret would have to have been 50 when they were born.

The boys were sent to school at Lancing College in Sussex in about 1893. Whilst they were there their father, William, died in Bangkok (no records) and they had to leave school.

1871 census

Catherine Ker. Born England, age: 38. Head of household at 7 Albert Terrace, St Cuthberts Edinburgh. Income Derived From Foreign Securites

Household Members:
Virginia Ker, age 14, born Java
Henry Ker, age 12, Blantyre, Lanarkshire
Katherine Ker, age 10, born Melbourne, Australia,
Arthur W Ker, age 7, born Melbourne, Australia,

There is also a Frances Kerr, grand daughter 8, born Batavia in Java, East Indies living with grandparents James Kerr in Stirling.

1881 census

Catherine Ker, Born England, age: 48. Head of household at 11 Merchiston Avenue, Edinburgh Newington

Household Members:
Virginia Ker 24, born Java
Henry Ker 22, medical student, born Blantyre, Lanarkshire
Katherine Ker 20, born Australia

1891 census - they are missing

1901 census

Catherine Ker. born: England.Age: 68. Occupation: Annintant. Living in the household of her daughter Virginia (now Jameson) at 16 Coates Cres, Edinburgh St George.

His father James Kerr